Deke's Techniques 495: Turn off Live Rectangle Widgets in Illustrator CC
Deke examines the new features of the "Live" Rectangle tool, then figures out how to turn the annoying parts off.

Martini Hour 077, In Which Deke Is Surrounded by Charming, If Foul-Mouthed, Women Who Defend Your Right to Doodle

My dear dekeArtistas, did you get in trouble for doodling when you were supposed to be paying attention in school? (I didn't, because I was all about the words, baby. But I might know a creature or two who did.) Good friend of the dekeLounge, and recently published authoress Sunni Brown (whose book Gamestorming is storming the Amazon charts as we speak!) comes back to the lounge to explain what she actually, ahem, does for a living. Call it graphic recording, call it visual notetaking, or join Sunni's movement and call it "strategic doodling."

Martini Hour 077, The Doodle Revolution

Why, in the name of all that is visually holy, is doodling frowned upon? And what exactly is the form and texture of Sunni's "doodle revolution?" Here are some thoughts that Sunni shared on this week's show: Read more » 

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Uh, Will There Be Any Deke at

Holy yoiks, I've been remiss in my blogging duties. In fact (and it gives me no pleasure to confess this), I've been absent for more than two weeks. And from my own site! I mean, why even have a blog site if you're not going to blog? Fortunately, I've been careening my efforts in some positive if helter-skelter directions. That is to say, I've been working my mother-father ass off. Just take a look at my bicep!

Photoshop CS5: Illustrator smart object as tattoo

Okay, so that's not actually mine. Nor is that my photograph. Or my tiger drawing. But I did put the two together using an array of Photoshop's most advanced features.

Here's the skinny on this and other news: Read more » 

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Martini Hour 076, In Which the Luminance Contrast Controls the Luminance Contrast

Yes, of course, we've covered Adobe Camera Raw in the dekeLounge before, but this episode was inspired by the particular passage in the Adobe Help file gave its name to the title of this Martini Hour. Sure, it's succinct and...logical...I guess. But those of you who are fans of the spirit that pervades dekeWorld---where explanations should err on the side of completeness---would never be satisfied. The whole "push the button and see what happens" approach will simply not do. You need elaboration. You need clarification. In a word, you need Deke. 

Martini Hour 076: Photoshop Camera Raw 6

And so, this week, Deke and I set out to explore the features and controls in ACR in a dekeApproved fashion: Read more » 

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Martini Hour 075, In Which the Storm and the Sun Collide with Graphic Results

That is the gamestorm and the Sunni Brown. (See what I did there with the visual communication.) This week, Deke and I welcome one of my newly fledged authors whose book,  Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers, hit the shelves this with a big splash very week  (As you can imagine, Deke and I identify with the rulebreakers in that list.) Sunni and her co-authors (poor boys who weren't able to join us for Buddy's tequila), have crafted a collection of games you can play to work through your creative obstacles, communication roadblocks, and quest for innovative problem solving. Gamestorming, you see, it's like brainstorming with games. And Sunni tells a great story this week about how we can use graphics (which you, dekeSters are vaguely familiar) to open up collaboration and creativity. Sunni's a visual thinker extraordinaire, but she's also awesome with words.

I think Martini Hour might be a game itself (pour drinks, queue the band, and explore something creative.) What do you think, dekeStormers? Read more » 

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Watching an Artist at Work, with Photoshop Auto-Align

In this week's Martini Hour, you'll meet Graphic Recording Artist Extraordinaire, Sunni Brown, who also happens to have joined the ranks of book authors this week. More on that in a minute, but in the meantime, during our conversation, I was reminded that I took this "video" of Sunni graphically recording the keynote at SXSW 2010. Really, it was a haphazard series of shots from the fourth row without a tripod, but I aligned them in Photoshop and then turned the layers into a Quicktime movie. It was actually my first, on-the-fly experiment with such things. Read more » 

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