Deke's Techniques 559: Creating a Hovering Head in Photoshop
Deke celebrates Halloween by virtually severing a model's head from her body.

Get Gorgeous Prints From Photoshop

This set of tips comes from Martini Hour 074, in which Deke and Colleen talk (Photo)shop. Their recommendations? Get better prints from your desktop printer by being highly experimental: Try different approaches, write down what you did, and be willing to use up some ink and paper in the process. Once you find your favorite settings, you'll be able to rely on those settings to achieve proven results from that point on.

Getting gorgeous prints from Photoshop

In preparation for printing, there are a few steps to take, and one that you definitely should not. Read more » 

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dekeSpeak November 23

November 24, 2010

Hello, Dear Readers! And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in and from the U.S.A. Read more » 

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Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery Is Finally Under Way

Months after Adobe's CS5 shipped, I am working on the third course in my overarching, comprehensive, all-new Illustrator CS5 One-on-One video series for I call it Mastery because this is where you get to master stuff. Here's the net result of Chapter 24: "Gradient Mesh," which features a pair of happy red peppers so exceptionally rendered that they must have been grown using the most advanced chemicals modern science has to offer. And they say biotech might be harmful---perish the thought!

Illustrator CS5 gradient mesh Read more » 

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Martini Hour 092, In Which We Refine the Edges from Last Week's Show

This week, appropriately enough, we discuss the Refine Edge feature in Photoshop CS5. Appropriate, because last week we discussed all the ways to select various elements in Photoshop, and now we can refine those edges with the command that is turning out to be Deke's favorite new thing in CS5. Because, once you make the best selection you can (more on that during the show, please don't try to solve crappy selections with Refine Edge), this tool can add that extra level of control that gives you a selection up to Deke's standards. And those standards are pretty darn refined. 

Martini Hour 092: Refine Edge in Photoshop

Here are the salient refinements of this week's show: Read more » 

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Chuck Joiner Once Again Captures Me on MacVoices

I'm sure a couple of you are aware of this, but the Internet is an amazing thing. (Wait a sec, I think I might be the first one to come up with that. Damn, I'm insightful!) And what makes me say that is this:

Yesterday, Chuck Joiner of MacVoices fame interviewed me over this primitive thing called the Telephone. And already our conversation is up on his site. In the old days, you might hear that interview broadcast over the Radio live, as it was actually happening. But now, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you can hear that very same interview within 24 hours of us recording it. Damn, that's progress.

Illustrator CS5 One-on-One with Chuck Joiner on MacVoices Read more » 

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