Deke's Techniques 521: Creating an authentic Möbius strip in Adobe Illustrator
Deke revisits the project in which he created a virtual Möbius strip in Illustrator, in order to make sure it's a real virtual Möbius strip.

Martini Hour 083, In Which We Contemplate Our Murky if Interesting Future

As Deke and I (mostly Deke) face our exhaustion at finishing up another round of One-on-One books, it seems like it might be a good time to contemplate the future of print. And who better to have around for this discussion than our friend and Chief Curator of Safari Books Online, Mark Brokering. Mark's job is to obtain content, like...oh, One-on-One books, for the online subscription delivery system that allows you to read any book or part thereof in the entire library, from your computer (or perhaps soon alternate electronic device.) What does this kind of service indicate for the future of books? And is there a difference between fiction and the kick-ass kind of tutorial based teaching Deke does. And before we get too ponderous, will someone mix up some cocktails?

The book image used in this week's graphic above is © imagebos from the Fotolia image library.

Don't be scared, the future is challenging, interesting, and might include reading in hover crafts. In the meantime, here's the rundown on this week's conversation: Read more » 

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Illustrator CS5 and Video Blog News

First, I've been recording more content for my Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Advanced video series that will one day be available at Here's the artwork for Chapter 14: "Gradients and the Gradient Tool." Those eyes are the result of four blended gradients across two layered shapes.

Illustrator CS5 gradient cat

I also dare to teach you how to think like M.C. Escher in Chapter 16: "Tile Patterns." In 15 movies, we explore how to design a highly complex, interlocking pattern, with nary a gap in between. Can you spot the three points at which this triad pattern intersects itself? Hint: nose, heel, knee; that's the key.

Illustrator CS5 tile patterns

Not sure what planet this guy's from. I call him the Next Missing Link. Seriously, wish I had a tail and spikes on my back. Don't you? Read more » 

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Martini Hour 082, In Which We Get Hungry and Abandon Computer Graphics (Almost) Altogether

When you tune in today, regular lounge dwellers, you might feel a little disoriented at first. Which may quickly be replaced by pangs of hunger. Because people can't live off of Photoshop and martinis alone, even when you're using the gourmet olives. So we asked our culinary mastermind, Chef Rebecca, to step out of the state-of-the-art dekeLounge kitchen and sit down with us for a cosmo and some conversation about cooking. Like everyone in dekeLand, she's one of those compassionate souls who likes to share her technical expertise to make other people's lives more colorful, beautiful, and delicious. So you see, there are similarities between the world of computer graphics and culinary artistry. And along the way, Deke may learn how to cook something for his children besides scrambled eggs. 

Cooking is art. Cooking is technical. And here's the carefully crafted menu de bullets for today's show. Read more » 

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CS5 One-on-One Video Progress Update

Hey there, everyone. I know a few (thousand) of you have lost complete and utter faith in me for my lack of regular blogging habits as of late. But it's only because I've had my nose to the grindstone on the projects that provide me with a living (excuse me for that) and you with the most benefit: My ongoing and extensive line of videos. Perhaps a pirate flag isn't the wisest graphic to associate with my commercial products, but it fits the mood, as you'll learn shortly.

Illustrator CS5 pirate flag

In the interest of answering a few questions and providing one-and-all with a much-needed update of my activities, here's the latest: Read more » 

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Martini Hour 081, In Which We Experience Lounge Lights in High Dynamic Range

This week in the dekeLounge, we fulfill the promise we made a few weeks ago, and visit the through-the-looking-glass other worldly effects of the new HDR Pro in Photoshop CS5.  Hip dekeSters know, of course, that HDR stands for high dynamic range, meaning that the results capture both ends of the shadow-to-highlight continuum. Photoshop CS5’s HDR Pro lets you combine bracketed frames of the same subject that were shot at different exposures, which allows a wider range of luminance data to be combined in one image.The result is a compilation that in some ways more closely mimics the way our eyes—rather than our camera sensors—are able to take in a broad range of light information. What that means in practical terms is that you can create an image that resonates with depth and detail.

What that means in dekeLounge terms is that, cocktails in hand, Deke takes me on a tour of the wonderland that is HDR Pro. Here are the handy highlights: Read more » 

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