Drawing an Orthogonal Box Tower in Illustrator
Deke draws an intricate, interlockable illustration in Illustrator, building boxes that can repeat seamlessly.

Sample tech support question

Hello gang,

Today marks the first day since last Summer that I haven't had a video ready and waiting for you on a Tuesday. And the first time since Martini Hour began on January 27 of 2009 (same year, btw) that we haven't had some sort of Tuesday morning media post ready for your polite and encouraging consumption. In other words, today is when the PMDTs (Photoshop media delirium tremens) really set in.

no video here

While I figure out what to do with my future Tuesdays, I thought I'd offer up the following: While going through a batch of lynda.com tech support questions, I came across one that, it seems to me, might have universal appeal. Here's the backstory, the question, and the answer: Read more » 

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Photoshop CS5 One-on-One Begins May 3

Some of you have asked, so I thought I'd let you know: It looks as though "Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals," my comprehensive 194-movie, 20-hour video series for lynda.com, will go live the week of May 3. That is to say, just one week from Monday. As I've mentioned before, it includes roughly 99% new content and a slew of new features. But mostly, it's all about bringing you up to speed with how to use Photoshop, from cradle to grave---as I trust this macabre pencil sketch (which I use to explore the Image Size command) demonstrates in no uncertain terms. Hint: the sheep did it!

Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals

Meanwhile, I'm hard at work on "Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals." Read more » 

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Photoshop CS5 Top 5: The New Painting Tools

The New Painting Tools

In my final Photoshop CS5 Top 5 video, I show you Photoshop CS5’s most ambitious innovation, the new painting tools. You have the bristle brushes, which simulate real-world traditional art brushes, down to the quantity and stiffness of the hairs. And you have the mixer brush, which lets you mix your paint with a base photograph as if the photo were rendered in wet oils.

Today's graphic is rendered using Photoshop CS5's one new blend mode, Divide. And though I don't document Divide in this particular video, I assure you, these next 17 minutes and 36 seconds are going to divide your socks off. Read more » 

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Photoshop CS5 Top 5: Puppet Warp

Puppet Warp

Photoshop is famous, if not downright notorious, for its ability to distort reality. Which is ironic given that most of us whose job it is to distort reality are frustrated by Photoshop’s meager collection of reality-distortion tools. I mean, there’s Liquify, there’s the Warp command . . . there’s Liquify. I ask you, where are all the fabulously terrifying distortion tools? Read more » 

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Martini Hour 062, In Which Colleen Graciously Lets Deke Pick Up Where We Left Off

You may recall a few weeks back, I had to put my unshod foot down and get Deke to stop talking about the Levels command. (I'm just trying to keep Martini Hour somewhere in the not-exactly-an-hour space, dekeOphiles.) But I'm a woman of my word, so this week I let Deke resume that discussion, this time addressing the ability that Photoshop gives you to adjust levels on independent color channels. Although it sounds complex, you know Deke will walk you through with patience and compassion. And knowing how to do this will allow you to use the Levels command to remove a color cast while your fixing contrast problems. Efficiency and martinis, that's what we provide in the dekeLounge.

Here's where Deke went when I let the reins loose: Read more » 

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