Deke's Techniques 587: Customizing a New Document in Illustrator
Deke helps you customize the New Document settings in Adobe Illustrator so you can start where you want to start.

I Completed the Last of my CS5 Video Courses, "Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery"

'Tis the Season, so I suppose 'tis likewise a bit optimistic to think squillions of folks are paying attention to my site this week. But, hey, what with the solstice and the full moon and the lunar eclipse and everything else that's been going on these last few days, anything could happen.

So I figured I'd write and let you know that I managed to wrap up my final general-training CS5 video course before the end of 2010. The course in question, Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery, won't go live until late January, but my work on it is done. While it's just eight chapters long, it comprises 134 movies. (Which, frankly, is diminutive by my standards.) And as usual, the course sports all-new project files, including the incredibly uncool one below.

Naturally, this course will be part of the massive and exhaustive Online Training Library. In the meantime, here's the breakdown: Read more » 

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Martini Hour 095, In Which Chris Brings the List (and Deke Drools over the Items on It)

No, not Kris Kringle, Chris Breen, Senior Editor of Macworld Magazine, who joins us in the dekeLounge this week to discuss some of his favorite gift ideas for the tech-lover in your life (even if that tech-lover is you...or Deke, who seems very interested in many of these toys). For the record, this show is airing a bit early for us, because neither Deke nor I believe in actually shopping until the 20th of December. But, after I finally kick off my new boots (courtesy of santaDeke, who bought them before the official dekeLounge shopping season) we launch into Chris' delightful list of his favorite tech things for the season.  

Here are some of Chris' wonderful (and lust-producing) suggestions: Read more » 

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Back Yo Ass Up & Let Me Channel Mix

About 50 people have emailed me this CollegeHumor link now, and for good reason. It's hilarious, catchy, and brilliantly executed. Plus, the Photoshop tricks are spot on. As you might imagine I have read and watched a few zillion imaging tutorials, and the quality wanders a bit. The above is an entertainment video, and yet it does a better job of imparting best practices, accurate terminology, and sly techniques than just about anything I've seen lately.

If it doesn't play right away, click pause and click play again.

Seriously, essential viewing. (Warning: Truly sensitive listeners will enjoy the faux-raunchy language.) Click here for some lyrics. Read more » 

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Xmas Xharbor Xlights

Xmas Xis Xupon Xus. Which is awesome, because it means every Who down in Who-ville has begun putting up its lights. (Even Coldplay has noticed!) And the lights are so pretty. It makes me wish the Whos did this all year long. Although, for all I know, they do. I rarely get down to Whoville anymore.

Anyway, tonight, I thought I'd act on my fleeting sense of Xmas Xspirit:

I stared off from the deck of the Holiday Inn,
looking down at the harbor, I held tight to my gin.
And what do you suppose captured my fascination?
Than a boat full of lights changed with Hue/Saturation.

Xmas Lights

Oh shucks. The mood is over. That holiday tickle is so fickle. Meanwhile, I'm nearly done with my Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery course for I just knew you'd want to know.

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Martini Hour 094, In Which We Hypocritically Mock Some of Adobe's Odd Feature Names

What's in a name? Does a feature that goes by any other name still function as well? This week we're enjoying making fun of the names of Adobe features that don't really make any sense. And who are we to complain? "Martini Hour" is never really an hour and this week we're drinking Manhattans. So join us on this vaguely hypocritical but otherwise entertaining discussion of goofy names for otherwise highly useful (for the most part) set of features in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Like Martini Hour, you shouldn't be scared off by the names. 

Martini Hour 094: Adobe's strangely named features

Here is a list of cryptically, oxymoronically, or just ridiculously named features that we enjoy making fun of this week: Read more » 

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