Deke's Techniques 445: Smooth Color Adjustments in  Lab Mode
Deke demonstrates how the Lab mode can correct color without destruction and with a smooth histogram in the end.

Martini Hour 064, In Which Colleen Wants to Know How Badly She Wants an iPad

This week on the iMartini Hour, the iDeke and I bring you a discussion of none other than the iPad. Neither Deke nor I have yet succumbed to the temptation of purchasing this tablet full of magic, (although not for lack of trying on my part). So we sit down with Chris Breen---Senior Editor at Macworld Magazine---and Ben Long---who you've met before, but has since written an infamous article on why the iPad isn't for him (Also available as a dramatic reading)---to figure out how badly, or not, we might need this device in our lives. And geek-gadget inspired hilarity ensues in the process.

Martini Hour 064: Apple's iPad with Macworld Editors Chris Breen and Ben Long

So over a wee dram of whiskey, we basically perpetrate our first ever gadget-inspired show: Read more » 

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Coming very soon, to a small screen near you

Hey gang,

We're running a teensy weensy bit behind on today's Martini Hour post. Technical difficulties, blah blah. It's forthcoming and junk.

In the meanwhile I wanted you to know, when this episode does hit the stands, you'll like it. Cuz we have something really terrific in store. This is one of my favorite shows ever. And for a change it has nothing to do with CS5 or Photoshop or Illustrator or anything Adobe. Much as we love them and that (seriously, big love), we decided to devote this week's show to Apple and its much ballyhooed iPad. And---if you'll forgive me the rather obvious visual analogy---we're turning this particular hot topic on its head.

Apple's iPad examined, for all it's worth and a little more Read more » 

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Of Fogs and Vampires

Tonight the harbor outside my hotel balcony is shrouded in fog.

And I imagine a loved one is out there. Someone I trust. And as she (I tend to trust women) materializes, it's clear something is different. At first, it's terrifying. (Your eyes. Is that blood dripping from your teeth?) As I come to accept, we talk. The conversation is naturally difficult. Tears are shed. But, as these things go with vampires, I am eventually made to yield. Read more » 

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Just wrapped up Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals

A couple of nights ago, too much traffic knocked the site down for 10 full hours. Which made me ecstatic. Thanks for the chaos!

Meanwhile, the purpose for today’s post is to alert you of ongoing progress made on my CS5 One-on-One video series for First, regarding the Photoshop series (which goes live next week), below is a still from a video that I shot a couple of days ago. I had to rerecord a handful of movies because an image license fell through. So naturally I was working through some anger issues. But as always happens in these cases, the new videos are better than the old ones. Plus they include hand-drawn demos of a few tips and tricks, which are new to Photoshop CS5. The image below documents how to resize and adjust the hardness of a brush on-the-fly, if only you can interpret it.

Oh, and did I mention Photoshop CS5's revamped sharpen tool, once the worst tool in the program, now produces halfway decent results? Check it out. Read more » 

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Martini Hour 063, In Which We Finally Put the See and the Ess and the Five Together, Legally, with John and Bryan

At last our friends John (Nack, Adobe Senior Product Manager for Photoshop) and Bryan (O'Neil Hughes, Photoshop Product Manager) are in the lounge and free to speak about Photoshop CS5. We didn't even have to get them liquored up to extract secrets from them this time. No, we were freely able to quiz them about their favorite new features in the latest version of Photoshop. 

(For the record, I was there, and it was the real Bryan O'Neil Hughes, and he is not a witch. As far as we know...Although he does show an uncanny capability to run very long distances and still have a giant grin on his face. Suspicious, yes, but supernatural?)

The new features in Photoshop CS5

Here's what we covered... Read more » 

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