Drawing a Clenched Hand in Illustrator
Deke shows you how to draw a hand in Illustrator, traced from a photo of a sketch in Photoshop.

Photoshop Top 40, Feature #19: Luminance Blending

Feature #19: Luminance Blending

Well, well. I'm back from my week in the Golden Age City of Canals, Amsterdam. And although it was great to be there, I must say, it's good to be back. Even if it's a mere 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 Celsius) here in the malevolently icy embrace of Boulder, Colorado. By which I mean, actually, I'd rather be in Amsterdam. With kindly old Sinterklaas waving from his steam boat and blackfaced, red-lipped, clownishly festooned Zwarte Pieten tucking me in at night. Ah, those zany Dutch! Don't they know Santa's slaves are miniature, felt-dressed Vulcans?

Then again, if I were still in Holland, I might be too distracted by all things poetic and profane to post today's Photoshop Top 40 video. And what a shame that would be because this week, I've got a doozy. Read more » 

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Hoe gaat het, Deke?

Greetings from Amsterdam, dekerLanders. The Dutch publishers of Deke's One-on-One books have invited him here to do some webinars, even record a Martini Hour or two, and speak at a giant Adobe User Group XL conference. You probably figured out we were somewhere out of our usual time zone when we managed to post "Thursday's" Martini Hour in the middle of Wednesday afternoon. Yeah, that's how we get catch up: by moving several time zones to the east. Here's Deke teaching this morning's early bird session on Channels & Masks.

I got to tag along because we're going to record some Martini Hours later today. We've got some fun guests lined up, a bottle of Jenever (the traditional liquor of the Netherlands, not to mention the alcoholic precursor of Deke's beloved gin), and a possible visit from Sinterklaas. Proost! Read more » 

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Martini Hour 042, In Which Jay Maisel Refuses to Mind Meld with Deke

Words of advice: If you ever find yourself drinking martinis and chatting with creative, charming digital imaging experts all day long in front of a live audience, I recommend finishing with guests who inspire and keep you laughing at the same time. Such was the case in this, the last of our live recordings from the Eyecandy Sound Lounge during Photoshop World, when Photoshop Diva Katrin Eismann and Notorious American Photographer Extraordinaire Jay Maisel appeared in front of our live audience in Las Vegas to talk with us about photography, photo retouching (or not), and the general state of the photographer's mind.

Here's what you'll experience in this lively loungy episode: Read more » 

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Photoshop Top 40, Feature #20: Free Transform

Feature #20: Free Transform

As powerful as Photoshop is, there is little about the program that is obvious. Case in point: How do you rotate a layer? Right-click on it and select Rotate? Choose Rotate from the Layer menu? Click on the rotate tool? The answer is no, no, and no. Fortunately, there’s the Free Transform command, which lets you not just rotate but also scale, slant, and distort a layer in one continuous operation. Edt > Free Transform is one of Photoshop's most fundamental commands, with a keyboard shortcut to prove it: Ctrl+T (Cmd-T on the Mac). Read more » 

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Tryptophan Hour 001: In Which Colleen and Deke Give Thanks for Our Tasty Lives with All the Trimmings

It seems like just a year ago I was tracing around my hand to make a Kindergarter-inspired Colleen-O-Vision image for the Thanksgiving dekeLand newsletter. Well, come to think of it, it was a year ago. This year, I put Deke in charge of drawing the hand-turkey. Is he making fun of me?

In the last year, we've consumed a veritable cornocopia of tasty treats here at dekeVille, USA. Read more » 

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