Mmmm, 3D Illustrator Donuts
Deke bakes delicious 3D donuts from people's heads in Illustrator

Martini Hour 044, In Which Deke Contemplates the Solitary Life of the Artist (over Drinks With Friends)

Pour yourselves a Campari and soda, dekeOpolitans, it's time for another Martini Hour. This week's installation is the last of those we recorded in Las Vegas, in the VIP lounge we retired to after our live show at Photoshop World, with two compassionate, inspiring, life-affirming teachers of photography. On my right, fine-art photographer, teacher and all-around leather-sportcoat pony-tailed source of calm inspiration, JP Caponigro. On my left, photographer, art educator,  and all around cropped-hair SoCal surfer source of energized creativity, Chris Orwig.

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Photoshop Top 40, Feature #18: Smart Objects

Feature #18: Smart Objects

Do me a brief favor and ignore this feature's name. Smart objects aren't all that smart. And they aren't objects. In other words, smart objects aren't "smart objects."

What "smart objects" are is envelopes. The kind that hold things. And keep them safe. Place an image or vector file into one of these envelopes, and nothing you do can cause that file harm. Which means you can apply nondestructive transformations, nondestructive filters, nondestructive everything. The world is your pixel-based oyster. Read more » 

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Photoshop Top 40: The Contest

My Photoshop Top 40 countdown continues. And now that we’ve moved into the realm of the Top 20 (drumroll please), the whole gang here at dekeOnline figured it was time for a contest. And the prizes are phenomenal!

This is no small contest. It's a grand, knock-down drag-out, show-us-your-talent contest in which three lucky winners will take home a jackpot of prizes just in time for the holidays. The Grand Prize winner in particular will receive a brand new Olympus E-620, the world's smallest and lightest image-stabilized digital SLR, as pictured below. I am seriously not kidding--someone's going to win an f'ing SLR! (You have to be a dekeOnline member to comment and participate.)

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Photoshop Forensics in France Contest Winners!

Sometime in late November, I promised that ten of you would win in my Photoshop Forensics in France image-sleuthing contest. And now, some 19 days later (time is an illusion, people!), I finally come through. Here's a graphic that explains one of the image manipulations (seamingly subtle but actually huge):

First, let me say, there's going to be an even bigger Photoshop Top 40-themed contest under works this week. Second, here are the ten winners--listed by user name (so hopefully you know who you are--with brief explanations as to why they won. Read more » 

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Martini Hour 043, In Which Colleen Experiences Photoshop Experts in 3D

Sometimes a hat is just a hat. Unless it's a hat drawn during a lesson with two amazing masters of Photoshop 3D, Bert Monroy and Corey Barker. A lesson that took place in the VIP lounge of our Martini Hour Las Vegas Extravaganza. Then, said hat is a testament to the ability of good teachers to teach highly visual subjects in a completely audio format. And the improved 3D abilities of Photoshop CS4. Oh, and Corey taught me to draw a wine bottle, too. Because, you know, he gets me.

Hold on to your ugly, if three-dimentional, hats folks, here's what we have this week: Read more » 

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