Deke's Techniques 620: Making Multicolored Vignettes in Photoshop
Deke uses a custom gradient and a shape layer to create a multi-colored vignette.

dekePod regular episode #1

The first "regular" dekePod goes live midnight tonight (or tomorrow, depending on how you measure such things). What time zone, you ask? At the rate I'm going, Hawaii.


Anyway, just alerting you all cuz when that thing hits the wires, our exciting contest, dekeQuiz #1: What Is Deke Saying? comes to a close, thus ending your chance to win some of the most exciting prizes ever envisioned by man, by which I mean, two books. Read more » 

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At Last, I Know

Time for a rare moment of public introspection. Yes, you're welcome.

Recently a member of this very site asked me if my real name was Deke. Answer: it is (as if I would choose a name that rhymes with eke, freak, reek, and oblique). But, to be honest, the reason I got the name is unclear. Maybe it's a Scottish nickname, maybe its a hockey thing, maybe I'm named for the grounded Mercury Seven astronaut. But after a friend forwarded me this movie, it all became clear. Quite obviously, I was named after a Hindi movie called Dil Deke Dekho. I mean, consider the facts: Read more » 

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Temporary Outage

Hey gang. Looks like we were down for about 15 minutes just after 2:00 pm Pacific Time on Monday, July 7. The server had to restart Apache. dekeOnline has gone from the bottom of the Internet Sea to one of the top 100K sites almost overnight, so we may be experiencing some hiccups in the near term. Thanks for bearing with us!

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Low-Angle: It's for the Children

I realize I owe you lovers of the graphic arts a Part 2 to my Illustrator Transparency, Photoshop Resolve article. And I'll get to it, don't you fret. But this week I got a wild hair up my nose. I say "nose" knowing full well that Colleen will give me crap for censoring myself. (Compare this to dekePod, where I vigilantly defend my every naughty utterance). But you see, this week, I have to self-censor because, this week, I'm givin' it up for the children. The wee little vulnerable, innocent, pure-as-driven-snow children. Who in the case of my boys already know most the choice bits of wayward vocabulary (as well as some of the advanced combos), but also know better than to employ them in public.

As those of you who are familiar with my stuff know, I'm not a photographer. So you won't find me proselytizing on such topics as aperture and focal length. But I am a graphic artist and I do have an eye for framing and composition, which is where this article comes in.

Lately, I've been experimenting with the low-angle "hero" shot. By way of contrast, consider the image below. It shows my seven-year-old, Max, building sand trees using a sculptural variation of the Jack-the-dripper technique. For those interested in such things, the technique involves extremely fine, wet sand which is then squeezed though the palm and occasionally whipped at a target, as we see Max doing here. (He's actually amazingly deft at it. I know, I'm the dad so I would say that. But he's as good as me, and I rock at sand trees.) 

The image nicely conveys a moment of dynamic energy. But the story is told from my perspective, the perspective of an adult. Read more » 

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Quite a Yesterday, Quite a Today

It's always interesting visiting the Upper Peninsula. The people are friendly (provided you're not a deer or a fish). The river is beautiful. And there isn't a modern, properly configured computer in sight.

To give you a sense of what it's like, I present to you my offspring, rendered just as they appear in The UP, in sepiatone and everything. Yes, it actually is 1937 there. Albeit, subject to some radical climate shifting. (The St. Marys River, in background, was once many feet higher.) And more vibrant swimwear.

Max & Sam c.1937

Which might explain why my emergence from The UP felt a bit like Future Shock. The sequence of events went something like this: Read more » 

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