Deke draws a concentric circle logo in Illustrator at the behest of a dekeOpolitan.

Such a Bad Week for "Evil"

So there I was, reviewing recent events.

And I couldn't help but recall that, in this week's up-and-coming episode of dekePod, I was forbidden from mentioning the word "penis." (True story, more on Wednesday.) This despite the fact that many famous people, not to mention many famous works of art (below), include them.

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Illustrator Transparency + Photoshop Resolve, Part 2

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I believe it was three weeks ago that I began to tell you good folks about how to transform this:

into the glam phantom-of-an-illustration witnessed below using Illustrator's Transparency functions. The danger is that virtually every effect I'm applying falls outside the boundaries of the professional print standard PostScript, meaning that there's a high chance that this artwork might exhibit errors when you receive 10,000 copies back from your commercial print house. Which is a real heartbreaker, as anyone who's encountered such blunders knows. Doubly so, because each and every heartbreak can be anticipated and eliminated with the help of Photoshop.

By the end of Part 1, I had transformed my son Sammy (shown here during his early days of smooth and impeccable baldness) into the near masterwork seen below. In this final part, I will add several details with the help of Illustrator's blend modes. Then I'll mask the entire illustration and ship it off to Photoshop for final rasterization. As much as it may pain you -- at least philosophically -- to convert your razor-sharp vectors into resolution-dependent pixels, this Photoshop provides a practical, no surprises = no tears solution.

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Bring It On: Team Deke-ster Spotted Answering Digital Photo Questions

You know if a guy's got the Deke Seal of Approval, he knows a thing or two. Add to that a willingness to answer all the digital imaging questions that come his way and you have the intrepid Tim Grey. (Well, he apparently doesn't answer any of the idiotic questions, but I think Tim told me that in confidence.) Tim's collaborating with Deke on the upcoming Channels and Masks One-on-One book due later this year, but right now he has a new book coming out this week called Take Your Best Shot: Tim Grey Tackles Your Digital Darkroom Questions that he wrote all on his own. It's a highly readable, informative compilation of the questions Tim has been diligently, fearlessly answering from readers of his DDQ column for several years.

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Signs of the Times in dekePod Episode 001

In the latest installment of dekePod, you learned how to cover up your petty juvenile criminality by tricking Photoshop into giving you an alibi. One of the misdemeanors used as an example was rearranging the letters on a sign to change something innocuous . . .

into something, well, plain silly if slightly scatological.

But I know y'all count on me to give you the behind-the-scenes scoop. Fact is, the original, real-world photos that Deke wanted to use were just too, um, distractingly vulgar, even for we hardened denizens of dekeWorld. Of course, that doesn't mean we aren't going to show them to you, because we are. (Caution, the full article contains some exceedingly creative and crude language. The young and pure of heart should go no further.)  Read more » 

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Blurring Live Text with a Drop Shadow

I realize I owe you lovers of the graphic arts a Part 2 to my Illustrator Transparency, Photoshop Resolve article. (If that sounds familiar, it's because I copied and pasted that sentence from last week.) But given that not a single person has expressed a problem with my delaying Part 2 -- which makes me cry real, actual, enormous crocodile tears (below) -- I'm guessing you're okay waiting.

In the meantime, I discovered something quite by chance today that made me geek out and do the d'oh, slap-my-head, I-can't-believe-I-never-figured-that-out-before thing.

Here's the idea: Photoshop does not let you blur live text. Well, all right, that's a lie. Photoshop does let you blur live text if you first convert the text to a smart object. But that's a Big Italicized If. Converting text to a smart object restricts your access to it and requires you to edit the text in a separate window, which is an increduloppus painoloopamus in the hippopotamus. Read more » 

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