Deke finishes his exploration of inline stroke type effects by putting Illustrator's offset path feature to work.

Deke's Techniques 542: Rendering a Person in Liquid Metal in Photoshop

Hey, my dekeOnesians. In this week's free Deke's Techniques episode, you will see how to render a dude in liquid metal.

Meanwhile, we are finally back in the states, if not all the way home. Here in our long Seattle layover we have already enjoyed reasonably priced Washington wines, a very delicious hamburger with bacon, water you can drink out of the faucet, and perhaps most importantly for communicating with dekeOphiles, viable internet.

Which is not to say that Indonesia didn't once again provide amazing adventures. If you don't already check out Deke's facebook page, stop by and see all the underwater treasures he's discovered the past two weeks. Also, we didn't wear shoes for over a week in Wakatobi. It's a policy I'm going to implement in Boulder... until the first snow.

Terima Kasih my Indonesian friends and expats for your welcoming spirit and sharing your beautiful undersea wonders. Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques 540: Rendering a Person in Chrome in Photoshop

Greetings from Wakatobi, Indonesia, my dekeTravelers. In this week's free Deke's Techniques episode, Deke covers an unsuspecting model in chrome and then sets him adrift in a field of stars. This is definitely a something old (Chrome filter), something new (Select and Mask workspace) kinda technique. So, basically, youngsters and old timers alike will enjoy, especially if they like Terminator movies.

Boy rendered in chrome with Photoshop's Chrome filter and Select and Mask.

I'm going to make this quick because the sun is setting here in beautiful Southeast Sulawesi. The skies are almost as colorfully gorgeous as the coral reefs below. Oh, speaking of colorful, here is this week's exclusive movie for members, in which Deke takes our chrome-plated friend from the previous movie, and sets it against a fiery blast of a background. If you're not a member of and you want to check it or any other episode out, you can get a free 10-day trial by signing up at

A firey blast made from the Photoshop clouds filter. Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques 538: Turn a Panorama into a Tiny Planet

Deke's Techniques 538: Turn a Panorama into a Tiny Planet

Speaking of tiny planets, sorry for the delay this week. We're coming to you from the other side of world (from our perspective), and I think the monkeys of Ubud have absconded with most of our internet.

Anyway, in this week's free Deke's Techniques movie, Deke wraps a panorama of the New York City skyline around its own aqueous core in order to create a tiny planet. If you're a member of, you can see how he adds a bit of shading and depth to Jupiter for realism (because that's what you expect from your tiny planet, a realistic quality.)

Industrious little planet created in Photoshop

Deke's Techniques, bringing you the entire world from the other side of the world. Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques 536: Turning the World Upside-Down in Photoshop

Deke's Techniques 536: Turning the World Upside-Down in Photoshop

In this weeks (belated, but) free Deke's Techniques episode, Deke shows you how to use Photoshop to turn the world upside down. I'm hoping to use this technique myself this week, since tomorrow we leave for Indonesia and my first foray below the equator where I will try to remember which way the ground lies (exacerbated by the fact we will then be spending alot of time under water.) Now I'm really turned around.

But anyway, back to Photoshop. After turning the world upside-down, via a fairly easy Rotation operation in Photoshop, Deke adds to the effect with our fairly acrobatic model jumping from a handstand. Or is he just hanging on to the planet for dear life?

The world turned upside down in Photoshop

And of course, no puzzle in absurdity is complete without an augmented Lens Flare. See how this problematic filter forces even Deke to take a coupla educated guesses to get it right.

For members of, Deke's got an exclusive followup movie in which he confirms that our hapless model is indeed trying to hang on to earth for dear life:

Traveling through space courtesy of Photoshop

If you're not a member of, you can get a free 10-day trial by heading over to and signing up.

Deke's Techniques, turning the world on its head every week! Read more » 

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Some Other Free Deke: Select and Mask Workspace in Photoshop

Hey, my fellow dekeItarians. We're having some glitches with Deke's Techniques this week, and the free episode may not make it up until tomorrow. In the meantime, I wanted to suggest another bit of freeDeke that's available over at There are a couple of unlocked movies on the new Select and Mask "taskspace" in Photoshop CC 2015.5.

(Which is sillier, taskspace as a phrase or calling something 2015.5 in the middle of 2016? But I digress.)

Anyway, this new "space that takes over Photoshop proper) has some cool features for refining your selections and masks. You needn't be a member to watch the first two movies. Click on the image, or one of the many other redundant links in this post).

The new Select and Mask workspace in Photoshop CC 2015.5

If you'd like to watch more of the updates course, and you're not a member, you can get a free 10-day trial at

I'll be back as soon as I can with this week's free Deke's Techniques episode! Thanks for your patience, dekeDiehards. Read more » 

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