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Photoshop World 2010 Las Vegas Session Notes

A mere three weeks ago---seriously? has it been that long?---I joined a few dozen of my fellow self-appointed experts for the largest gathering of Photoshop users on the planet: Photoshop World 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At that event, I presented three all-new sessions on the topics of Photoshop CS5, the pen tool, and Camera Raw 6.

Photoshop World 2010 PDF notes for download

At that event, I distributed more than a thousand black-and-white notes that my illustrious sidekick, Colleen Wheeler, printed out for the attendees. But black-and-white goes only so far. Which is why I include the notes for all three sessions as full-color PDF documents that you can download from this post. The notes are altogether free to members of dekeOnline. Read more » 

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Martini Hour 065, In Which We Talk More Photoshop CS5 With Bryan "Zátopek" Hughes and Some Guy Named Nack

Welcome back to the 'lounge, dekeItarians. Hope you're feeling relaxed and happy. To help you with that, we've brought back some familiar voices this week, those of Adobe's Bryan O'Neil Hughes and John Nack. The last time we had the guys over, we discussed some of the flashy new features in Photoshop CS5 (like Puppet Warp and the infamous Content-Aware Phil). But deciding to upgrade isn't just about wanting the state-of-the-art features. Sometimes, it's those improvements to everyday tools that make your day-to-day work go more smoothly. Oh sure, it's fun to play digital Stretch Armstrong with pictures of your friends with the Puppet Warp. But it's also a downright relief to finally be able to simply drag-and-drop an image into a Photoshop composition. 

Martini Hour 065: The Essential Enhancements to Photoshop CS5

Here are some of those little polishes to the efficiency or usability of an often-used tool that make you wonder how you ever worked happily before this particular upgrade came along. Read more » 

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Next Week: Photoshop CS5 Top 5

This week, you can find gobs of gleefully optimistic videos from Adobe and other folks demonstrating the new features in Photoshop CS5. Members of will find hours of Photoshop CS5 movies from my cohorts Chris Orwig and Jan Kabili (not to mention still more hours of info on other CS5 apps from Mordy Golding, Anne-Marie Concepcion, and James Williamson).

It's all designed to get you hot and bothered about the next version of CS5 in general and Photoshop specifically. But as usual, I see my job as something a little different: To not only show you what new stuff is available, but also give you a sense for whether it's any good.

Which is why next week---beginning Monday, April 19---I'll release a video blog each and every day called Photoshop CS5 Top 5. These are my reflections on the best features in the forthcoming version of Photoshop after several months of using the program on my own images. And while the features are uniformly welcome, many of them work quite differently---and significantly less magically---than the demos so far might imply.

Photoshop CS5 Top 5
Read more » 

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