Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel

Undersea nymph

dekePod Episode 015: Imagine yourself on a once-in-a-lifetime underwater adventure. Adift in a world of wonder. Watch as if in a dream as you ignore the souvenir stand, bypass the lounge chair, even avoid the swim-up bar. Your only intention is to grab the gear, strap on the fins, and plunge into the astonishing azure alure.

Or more simply put: Mix with the fish.

Such destinations have names as to make the heart sigh: Fiji. Kealakekua Bay. Ningaloo. The Red Sea. Read more » 

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dekeOnline Celebrates Its 44th "Weke"

Which is cause for celebration, of course. But it's also my way of saying, much may have happened since the last time you visited

New Slickly Produced (and Somewhat Alarming) dekePod Video
For example, did you know that the mild-mannered Adobe Bridge might well be gobbling up the very last gigabytes of your hard drive and exposing your misdeeds? To learn more, check out dekePod 014: "Photoshop vs. Adobe Bridge--Beware the Cache, the Cache Must Die!"

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Photoshop vs. Adobe Bridge: Beware the Cache, the Cache Must Die!

Incriminating photograph

dekePod Episode 014: At fourteen, dekePod is officially a teenager. So it's fitting that the topic of this episode takes us into the somewhat adult and potentially salacious territories of sovereignty and privacy. I'm not talking cookies or spyware. Your trusted commercial software--the stuff you pay hundreds of dollars for--may be tracking your every move.

It's like this: Despite the many warnings to the contrary, we tend to imagine that our computers acquiesce to our collective control. No software goes unchecked; no program reveals our misdeeds. And yet, these are exactly the sorts of treasonous acts that a certain group of programs--known as digital asset managers, or DAMs for short--are designed to perform on a daily basis. Read more » 

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