Deke's Techniques 053: Capturing a Real-Life Cast Shadow

Deke's Techniques 053: Capturing a Real-Life Cast Shadow

It's one thing to impeccably mask an image into a new scene. But it's another to get the masked image to interact with its new environment. And oftentimes what that masked image needs is a shadow.

In this week's technique, I show you how to capture and cast a shadow from one scene into another.

Garsh, this is a yummy one. Here's the official description from Read more » 

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Photoshop Top 40, Feature #15: Alpha Channels

Feature #15: Alpha Channels

UPDATE: The good folks at have replaced the bad old corrupted version of this video with a new one that plays properly. Thanks to everyone who let me know that the old one was messed up!

Masking an image is like poking a hole in the background to reveal the foreground. I use this analogy because A) I'm growing a bit weary of the "white reveals, black conceals" line; B) I'm just coming off a ski vacation in Big Sky, Montana, at the end of which I wiped out on a bunch of rocks at the top of the 11,166-foot Lone Peak (see diagram) and poked a purple-looking hole in my knee; and C) masking is exactly like that, except not so purple. Read more » 

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Martini Hour 036, In Which Deke Christens This Week's Caller Daffodil

Hello, friends. Deke here this week. (Colleen is buried hundreds of pages deep inside a book we hope to one day call Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One, which is slated for delivery next month. Poor dear; book writing is such torment.) And so it is my esteemed privilege to present you with Martini Hour 036, the last dekeLounge-recorded Martini Hour before we embark on a long series of shows captured live and loose from Las Vegas. Baby.

This week's C&D-only show features a question from a caller who fails to identify herself. I dub her Daffodil because she sounds so sweet and pretty and harmless. But Daffodil's question is about the most horrifying one we've encountered, perfect for Halloween: Why is it that Pantone spot colors look one way in Illustrator and InDesign, and another in Photoshop? And how in the world do you correct this problem?

By way of example, we take on Pantone 172: Is it Pumpkin or Grenadine? (See the swatches in the graphic, top left. I mean, holy shit, how different are those?)

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dekeOnline News: May 4, 2009

Hello friends of dekeOnline,

I have much to announce in this issue! I take you on a deep-sea diving excursion with dekePod, I unveil the longest video series ever released on, and finally, my sidekick Colleen and I have a rousing chat with Russell Brown and John Nack on Martini Hour. In short, I offer you a feast for your mind and your senses.

dekePod Takes the Ultimate Plunge

dekePod 015: Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel

Have you ever taken a camera underwater? I've used a few disposable underwater cameras and they don't include a flash. Which is crazy, because if there was ever a place where you need a strobe, it's underwater. Water and the distance filters away light and colors, starting with red, then orange, then yellow, leaving a world of greens and blues. How do you bring those colors back? I explain in dekePod 015: "Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel." Read more » 

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Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel

Undersea nymph

dekePod Episode 015: Imagine yourself on a once-in-a-lifetime underwater adventure. Adift in a world of wonder. Watch as if in a dream as you ignore the souvenir stand, bypass the lounge chair, even avoid the swim-up bar. Your only intention is to grab the gear, strap on the fins, and plunge into the astonishing azure alure.

Or more simply put: Mix with the fish.

Such destinations have names as to make the heart sigh: Fiji. Kealakekua Bay. Ningaloo. The Red Sea. Read more » 

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