Working Luminance Magic with HDR in Photoshop CS5

Photoshop's HDR Toning and HDR Pro commands give you unmatched power to finesse tonality in high contrast images, gracefully coaxing detail out of shadows and highlights that would otherwise be murky or blown. Use HDR Toning on single images such as portraits for a faux HDR effect. You can dramatically exceed your camera's dynamic range by processing multiple exposures of the same scene with HDR Pro. In this tip, we'll look at how HDR processing works and the HDR Toning command. We'll continue with HDR Pro in the next tip.

photoshop hdr lead

Today's tip comes from Chapter 33, High Dynamic Range (HDR Pro), part of Deke's video course Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery for Read more » 

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Martini Hour 094, In Which We Hypocritically Mock Some of Adobe's Odd Feature Names

What's in a name? Does a feature that goes by any other name still function as well? This week we're enjoying making fun of the names of Adobe features that don't really make any sense. And who are we to complain? "Martini Hour" is never really an hour and this week we're drinking Manhattans. So join us on this vaguely hypocritical but otherwise entertaining discussion of goofy names for otherwise highly useful (for the most part) set of features in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Like Martini Hour, you shouldn't be scared off by the names. 

Martini Hour 094: Adobe's strangely named features

Here is a list of cryptically, oxymoronically, or just ridiculously named features that we enjoy making fun of this week: Read more » 

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Illustrator CS3 1on1 box art

Illustrator CS3 One-on-One

Entering its third decade, Adobe Illustrator CS3 remains the most popular and viable vector-drawing program for a simple reason: It’s the best. It offers powerful transformation and reshaping functions, excellent control over text and gradients, and the best color management and print controls in the business. But the learning curve is steep. From the moment you draw your first square, Illustrator demands your full and absolute attention. Enter Illustrator CS3 One-on-One, your crash course on everything there is to know about the program. Read more » 

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