Gale Franey

dekeOnline Celebrates Its 44th "Weke"

Which is cause for celebration, of course. But it's also my way of saying, much may have happened since the last time you visited

New Slickly Produced (and Somewhat Alarming) dekePod Video
For example, did you know that the mild-mannered Adobe Bridge might well be gobbling up the very last gigabytes of your hard drive and exposing your misdeeds? To learn more, check out dekePod 014: "Photoshop vs. Adobe Bridge--Beware the Cache, the Cache Must Die!"

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Martini Mashup Contest Winner Mania!

Citizens of dekeOpolis, the results are in, the winner of the Martini Mashup Grand Prize is...well, we have a tie. Deke and I managed to narrow down our faves to two: Gale Franey's "Something's Fishy" and Steve Newton's "Bar Folies Créateur." Try as we might, we couldn't make the call between Gale's modern fantasy, replete with impeccable bubbles, and Steve's clever simultaneous homage to both Manet and my grad-school stint as bar mistress (not to metion his amazingly accurate imagining of the back of my head). Both will recieve a One-on-One book of their choice from O'Reilly and a free month of training from

We only had one set of "other" prizes in the grand prize goodie bag, so we declare Gale the winner of the tie-breaker by virtue of her being on the same continent as we are. We love our Wide World of Deke (represented recently with the birthday wishes you sweet folk sent to Deke in a gazillion different languages), but frankly, times are tough and shipping is cheaper to Canada! Here are all the prizes laid out on a chair in my living room, ready for their trip to the great white north. The list now includes a sock-like Adobe cover for your small electronic of choice and my burlap Adobe sac from SXSW to hold everything!

And a big thanks, and prize, to everyone who decided to play along. In fact, everyone who entered will recieve a serial number for a free week subscription to! Read more » 

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