Photoshop Top 40, Feature #4: Navigation

Feature #4: Navigation

You never forget your first voyage into the great seas of graphics navigation. Mine was in 1985. I was using MacPaint, my supposed (but entirely fictional) mastery of which helped me land my first design job. I was panning an image using the scroll bars and a coworker, horrified by my behavior, showed me a trick: Hold down the Option key to get what he called "Muffy." While I found it troubling that he'd invented a pet name for something that looked and worked like a hand---did he have a nickname for his actual hand?---I had to admit, I was amazed. It had never occurred to me that such a tool (otherwise unavailable in the software) so much as existed, let alone might save me so much effort.

In creating Photoshop, Adobe "borrowed" the hand tool. But it assigned a different shortcut: the spacebar. Which just so happens to be the biggest key on the keyboard. It's as if Adobe was saying, this tool needs a shortcut more than all the others. And I couldn't agree more. Read more » 

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Delightful Doggies

So, okay, good news: I went ahead and rerecorded my highly pornographic version of "The new tabbed window interface" video. Which illustrated our ability to cycle between multiple open images by clicking on tabs and pressing keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CS4. But in a very lewd fashion. Or so I'm led to understand.

Bad news. I had previously employed some provocative images of lightly clad beautiful women. Fortunately I came to my senses and switched 'em out. For chihuahuas.

Nice doggies Read more » 

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The controversial interface video

Today, I recorded a new version of my Photoshop CS4 New Features video "The new tabbed window interface." The original movie, posted above, inspired controversy because I included an image with some very modest nudity.

The above movie went live on Sept 23 and then, after 20 complaints in 2 days, got yanked on Sept 25. Read the full story. But mostly, enjoy the info. Read more » 

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Illustrator CS3 1on1 box art

Illustrator CS3 One-on-One

Entering its third decade, Adobe Illustrator CS3 remains the most popular and viable vector-drawing program for a simple reason: It’s the best. It offers powerful transformation and reshaping functions, excellent control over text and gradients, and the best color management and print controls in the business. But the learning curve is steep. From the moment you draw your first square, Illustrator demands your full and absolute attention. Enter Illustrator CS3 One-on-One, your crash course on everything there is to know about the program. Read more » 

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Photoshop CS3 1on1 box art

Photoshop CS3 One-on-One

Welcome to the most far-reaching training on Adobe’s flagship image editor, Photoshop CS3. Hosted by award-winning author and Photoshop Hall of Famer Deke McClelland, Photoshop CS3 One-on-One is your opportunity to delve headlong into the new Photoshop with a seasoned, knowledgeable guide by your side. Complete with task-based projects and work-along sample files, this is the ultimate insider’s guide to Photoshop CS3. Read more » 

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