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Join Me for a Half-Day Workshop, "Photoshop 3D Fundamentals," at Photoshop World

Hey gang: First of all, I want you all to know that my Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D courses are riding high and doing well at my beloved video publisher, Taken as a whole, the three courses---3D Fundamentals, 3D Objects, and 3D Scenes---add up to about 20 hours, less than my single (overly long, but I have to say supremely educational) Photoshop One-on-One: Advanced course. And yet, as a group, they are outperforming that title as well as the other 3D courses. Meaning that there are a lot of you interested in the vast and largely untapped realm of 3D in Photoshop.

Photoshop Extended 3D type

If I know you---and let's face it, I don't---then you're itching for more. In which case, glad tidings: I'll be presenting much of the first course live at Photoshop World Las Vegas on September 6 of this very year. It'll be a four-hour "pre-con" workshop, which means it'll cost you an extra $89. That gets you not only my charming presence, but also a free DVD of my 3D Fundamentals course, which normally costs roughly as much as you'd pay for a cheap couch at a discount store. So you'll actually save money! (Less than you would if you don't attend, but more than you would if you do. You get what I'm saying, right?) Read more » 

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Photoshop World 2010 Las Vegas Session Notes

A mere three weeks ago---seriously? has it been that long?---I joined a few dozen of my fellow self-appointed experts for the largest gathering of Photoshop users on the planet: Photoshop World 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At that event, I presented three all-new sessions on the topics of Photoshop CS5, the pen tool, and Camera Raw 6.

Photoshop World 2010 PDF notes for download

At that event, I distributed more than a thousand black-and-white notes that my illustrious sidekick, Colleen Wheeler, printed out for the attendees. But black-and-white goes only so far. Which is why I include the notes for all three sessions as full-color PDF documents that you can download from this post. The notes are altogether free to members of dekeOnline. Read more » 

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Martini Hour 044, In Which Deke Contemplates the Solitary Life of the Artist (over Drinks With Friends)

Pour yourselves a Campari and soda, dekeOpolitans, it's time for another Martini Hour. This week's installation is the last of those we recorded in Las Vegas, in the VIP lounge we retired to after our live show at Photoshop World, with two compassionate, inspiring, life-affirming teachers of photography. On my right, fine-art photographer, teacher and all-around leather-sportcoat pony-tailed source of calm inspiration, JP Caponigro. On my left, photographer, art educator,  and all around cropped-hair SoCal surfer source of energized creativity, Chris Orwig.

JP and Chris Read more » 

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Martini Hour 043, In Which Colleen Experiences Photoshop Experts in 3D

Sometimes a hat is just a hat. Unless it's a hat drawn during a lesson with two amazing masters of Photoshop 3D, Bert Monroy and Corey Barker. A lesson that took place in the VIP lounge of our Martini Hour Las Vegas Extravaganza. Then, said hat is a testament to the ability of good teachers to teach highly visual subjects in a completely audio format. And the improved 3D abilities of Photoshop CS4. Oh, and Corey taught me to draw a wine bottle, too. Because, you know, he gets me.

Hold on to your ugly, if three-dimentional, hats folks, here's what we have this week: Read more » 

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Martini Hour 042, In Which Jay Maisel Refuses to Mind Meld with Deke

Words of advice: If you ever find yourself drinking martinis and chatting with creative, charming digital imaging experts all day long in front of a live audience, I recommend finishing with guests who inspire and keep you laughing at the same time. Such was the case in this, the last of our live recordings from the Eyecandy Sound Lounge during Photoshop World, when Photoshop Diva Katrin Eismann and Notorious American Photographer Extraordinaire Jay Maisel appeared in front of our live audience in Las Vegas to talk with us about photography, photo retouching (or not), and the general state of the photographer's mind.

Here's what you'll experience in this lively loungy episode: Read more » 

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