It's Time to CS5

In case you missed the announcement of the announcement a couple of weeks ago, Monday is official CS5 announcement day. Adobe is inviting all to join them for the global online launch extravaganza, as well as promising to reveal ground-breaking, earth-shattering, world-peace-promoting (potentially), and office-furniture-designing (if the logo used in the image below is any indication) versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. The event starts at 8:00am PDT. Figure out what that means for your time zone; I'm still dealing with having to get up that early! It looks like the party will feature some familiar Friends of dekeOnline (FODOs), including Julianne Kost, Jason Levine, and Terry White. 

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Back of My Head Gets Screen Debut in CS4 Launch Video

Hey, Dekapolitans! Just back from Adobe, a land of very nice and smart people by the way, where it's entirely possible the back of my head was captured to be seen by millions watching the CS4 launch. Deke told me I shouldn't retouch my own self portrait (just how do I get that nonchalant look like I don't even know the camera's there when I'm holding the dang thing right out in front of me?), so here is a completely un-altered photo of me in the audience.

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Be Part of the CS4 Announce

Hey kids,

Per CW's post, we can tell you that Creative Suite 4 is on the horizon. But now it appears that there's more we can share.

In the interest of aggregating (if not breaking) the story: Read more » 

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