Chuck Joiner Once Again Captures Me on MacVoices

I'm sure a couple of you are aware of this, but the Internet is an amazing thing. (Wait a sec, I think I might be the first one to come up with that. Damn, I'm insightful!) And what makes me say that is this:

Yesterday, Chuck Joiner of MacVoices fame interviewed me over this primitive thing called the Telephone. And already our conversation is up on his site. In the old days, you might hear that interview broadcast over the Radio live, as it was actually happening. But now, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you can hear that very same interview within 24 hours of us recording it. Damn, that's progress.

Illustrator CS5 One-on-One with Chuck Joiner on MacVoices Read more » 

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Deke and Colleen Join MacVoices' Chuck Joiner and Pull Back the Curtain on Martini Hour

Hey there. Just checking in to say Deke and I had a blast yesterday, talking to Chuck Joiner of MacVoices. Chuck used his Jedi mind tricks to convince us to pull back the curtain a bit on Martini Hour (without the benefit of cocktails; Chuck is a true master, not to mention a gracious podcast host from whom I could learn a thing or two). We spoke a bit about where we got the insane idea for a show that features martinis and computer graphics, our approach to covering a visual subject in an audio only format, and whether or not there is a real Pimm's Quartet. Check out Chuck's podcast here to find out the truth about these and other mysteries!

Plus our blue faces match Chuck's logo. It was meant to be! Oh, and welcome to the return of Colleen-O-Vision. Deke just loaned me a Wacom tablet (encased in copious bubble wrap) to take for a test drive. Do you think he's trying to tell me something? Read more » 

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