Turning a Portrait Shot into an Andy Warhol-Style Silkscreen, Part 1

A few months back, a subscriber wrote me to ask if I had documented a way to turn a portrait into an Andy Warhol-style silkscreen effect. By which she meant, the famous series of portraits of Marilyn Monroe. By now, we've seen enough of Marilyn on this site. (If only because Andy made her look like a drag queen.) So let's try out something different: Warhol's take on that beautiful and charming star of the silver screen, Mao Zedong. Just look at the sweet puss on that chiquita. Meow Mao!

Meow Mao

(Quick note: This depiction of Mao is technically a serigraph. Both silkscreens and serigraphs are variants of screen-printing. While screen-printing is arguably the more accurate catch-all term, I use silkscreen because you're more likely to have a clue what I'm talking about.)

At the time, my answer was no. But I promised to explore the technique one day, and that one day is now. My first take on it was dekePod Episode 018: "The Andy Warhol Silkscreen Effect." But it's possible a couple of you might think that my spirited video explores the topic a little too quickly. (Tho in my defense, I've received very positive feedback from cheetahs and house flies.) Which is why I present this article, which you have to be a member to read. Read more » 

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The Andy Warhol Silkscreen Effect

Warhol silkscreen couples

dekePod Episode 018: Okay, I got good news and I got bad news. Good news first: dekePod has caught up with its younger sibling Martini Hour. For this brief moment in time, both are 18.

Also good, this new episode, it's a doozy. In this video, I show you how to turn any portrait shot--even a sweetly syrupy photo of two youngsters in real honest-to-gosh puppy love--into a credible Andy Warhol silkscreen effect. Complete with minimalist outlines, vivid fills, and lipstick that covers the teeth. Here's the official marketing description: Read more » 

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