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Martini Hour 099, In Which Colleen Hosts the Illustrator Summit Countdown Smackdown Lovefest

As regular guests of the dekeLounge know, one of our favorite guests over the past two (almost) years has been that Illustrator Wizard known as Mordy Golding. So before we shut down this shindig, I wanted to get Mordy and Deke back in the same disco lighted room, line up a few shots, and have them run down their list of top features in Illustrator. I originally asked them each to think of ten: one guru followed the rules, the other went overboard, ignoring the rules by creating an extra long list. You'll have to listen to the show to guess which is which. Or maybe not. But listen to the show anyway because it's amusing and informative. 

Martini Hour 099: Illustrator CS5 Top 10 Features

So here's how the list breaks down: 2 gurus, 10 items each in a side-by-side countdown, and the result is the following 13 items. Makes as much sense as anything: Read more » 

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Martini Hour 085, In Which We Celebrate Adobe Illustrator with a Mordy-Palooza

This week's clip show features me repeatedly telling two of the most knowledgable Adobe Illustrator gurus on the planet that I don't know squat about Illustrator. (I've probably mentioned that more times than I've explained that Deke's new book, Adobe Illustrator CS5 One-on-One, is taking over our lives and requiring us to compile clip shows.) But how can I still claim to know nothing when I get to hang out with Deke and Mordy Golding for several episodes of the show? Mordy, the one time Adobe Product Manager of Illustrator, is that guy that Deke likes to go to when tiny gaps in his copious Illustrator knowledge requires him to probe the brain of someone he trusts. Can an Illustrator Ignoramus do any better?

Here's how we kick off what I'm unofficially calling "Illustrator Celebration Month in the dekeLounge," also known as "Learn Something Already, Colleen." Read more » 

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Martini Hour 071, In Which We Celebrate Summer with Illustrator-based Sno-cones and More More Mordy

Mordy's visit last week to discuss Illustrator CS5 was so refreshing, that we decided to keep the Summer vibe going and invite him back again this week. And what does he bring? Vector-based sno-cones. Yes, it's another great Illustrator show with Mordy and Deke diving deep into the summer and dynamic effects. And me ingenuously following along, thinking, one day soon, I'm going to learn to use Illustrator so I can put all this knowledge to use. If you feel the same, pull up a sno-cone, maybe toss a little adult beverage on top, and join us.

Martini Hour 071: Dynamic Effects in Adobe Illustrator Read more » 

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Martini Hour 031, In Which Colleen (Ahem) Follows Deke and Mordy on a Geek Excursion

(Thanks to Mhelcor for the correction on the this week's title! ---cw) It's a true sign of my special penchant for total geeks that there is nothing more enjoyable for me than to sit with two notorious experts, and listen to them talk about something I know almost nothing about. Oh, sure, there are martini's involved, so that helps. And eventually I find out I'm learning along the way.

But really, for those of you who love Illustrator adventures, we've got a show for you with  our good friend Mordy Golding. These two could duke it out (or maybe just a friendly thumbwrestle) for World's Most Knowledgable Illustrator Expert, and yet they're both so sweet and helpful. And for those of you who don't care much about Illustrator, really just take the time to listen to the magic of two passionate experts sharing their knowledge, specifically about Illustrator's Transparency palette. By the way this is the episode has the added advantage of hearing Deke state his distinction between computer graphics and digital imaging, which I tell you, is something, after years of working, drinking, and generally hanging about with Deke, I only just found out.

Here's where Deke and Mordy go on their mutual Illustrator love adventure: Read more » 

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Mordy's Embossed Text Effect in Illustrator

Our good friend Mordy Golding, over at Real World Illustrator, has come up with a technique for creating a license plate in Illustrator, sucessfully thwarting Illustrator's lack of an explicit embossed text effect. License plates, hmmm? Perhaps Mordy is anticipating that hanging out with the likes of Deke will inevitably lead him to a life of petty crime. (Actually, he was apparently inspired by another beloved rapscallion, the incomperable Bert Monroy, who originally did the project in Photoshop on his Pixel Perfect show.) Check out Mordy's results:

Read more » 

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