Illustrator One-on-One CS6: Advanced Is Now Out at

Oh goodness gravy, I have been remiss. Last Thursday, my newest video course, Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced, hit the virtual shelves of the Online Training Library. And it's been the talk of the town. If you imagine this site is the town. And I'm the only one talking. But it's been popular so perhaps you'll want to listen up, even if I'm just yackin' up my own junk.

The course is 11 hours and 2 minutes long. Exactly 6 minutes shorter than my previous course, Illustrator CS6 One-on-One; Intermediate. Which makes it precisely 0.6% more powerful. (I did the math!) Please allow me to share my favorite three sample files from this inspiring and ultra-long but ultra-inspiring course.

Starting with, are you familiar with the concept of color harmonies? They play an essential role in the behavior of the exceedingly useful Color Guide panel and Recolor Artwork command. If this is news to you, check out Chapter 25, "The Color Guide Panel." Specifically the movie called "The 23 color harmony rules, diagrammed." In which I show you how each of the color harmonies works, in a real Lab color wheel so you can't help but understand, as pictured below:

Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced, Chapter 25, "The Color Guide Panels" Read more » 

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Illustrator Advanced on Its Way; Same Goes for Deke's Techniques

Just returned home from a long day at the office. And, boy, am I psyched.

First, my Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced course goes live at my beloved video publisher tomorrow. It will include, among other things, the following neon type effect created entirely from scratch using Illustrator combined with just a small dash of Photoshop. Working together as never witnessed before in the history of mankind.

Realistic neon type created in Illustrator CS6

I'm so taken with it, I might feature it in a future episode of Deke's Techniques.

Speaking of which, second, I recorded a crazy number of Deke's Techniques movies just this very day. (Technically yesterday, but whatever. I'm still awake.) All of 8, which is amazing, given that I usually record on average about 2. They're really hard! Anyway, as a result, you have this collection of Andy Warhol-style silkscreen-like variations to look forward to:

Six variations on an idea inspired by Andy Warhol, that nutty guy

I plan to call it Andy Warhol taught everyone nothing.

I know, I've explored Warhol treatments in the past. But while that was funny, this is better. I'll get back to you later on everything. Read more » 

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My Latest Video Course, "Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate," Came Out 2 Weeks Ago

That's right, Part 2 of my cradle-to-grave video treatise on Adobe Illustrator CS6 is out on I would have mentioned it 2 weeks ago, on November 21, when the course went live. But I was on vacation in Ireland. In the northern city of Derry, to be exact. And while Colleen was blogging every day, and I was making her graphics, it seemed somehow antithetical to the whole vacationing thing for me to mention my for-profit course. You know what I mean?

But I'm home now. And I've even sneaked in a couple of days of legitimate work. So what the hell, time to blog the course. That image below, that's a Venn diagram bear. He's not a dog, he's a bear. Perhaps a bit over-eager. But still, he's a bear.

Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate Read more » 

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My 11-Hour "Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Advanced" Video Course Is Now Live at

It's been a while since my last video course. Roughly 7 weeks to be exact. What have I been doing with myself? I blame Deke's Techniques. And That Darn Challenge. And then, of course, my personal life. Which has been a blast lately.

Even so, last Thursday (September 13) marked the debut of my 55th video course for, Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Advanced. Which I believe to be quite good and also educational in nature. Watch the video above to decide for yourself.

Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Advanced comprises a total of 12 chapters. About half of them are of special interest to photographers, and the other half are of special interest to designers. And, of course, all of them are of special interest to people who don't mindlessly label themselves. Read more » 

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Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate Has Arrived (and Thus There Was Peace and Tranquility in the World)

Last Friday marked the debut of the latest entry in my ongoing compendium on the topics of digital imaging and pixel-based artistry, Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate. Weighing in at 9 hours and 25 minutes, it represents everything I have to say (for the time being, anyway) on the topics of Content-Aware, sharpening, text, shapes, layer effects, styles, Liquify, black-and-white, and output.

Oh, and I also discuss how to use the Levels command. The attached movie serves as the introduction. I'm really proud of it. Have you ever seen a guy interact with a histogram like that? It's like Minority Report. Except that my gut and man boobs are bigger than Tom Cruise's. Kudos to Will Frazier, Andrew Brown, and the whole graphics and live-action teams at Love you guys!

To view the entire course, mosey on over to Specifically, you'll want to go to Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate, which contains the usual 10% free movies, not to mention the 100% available to beloved members of the Online Training Library. Read more » 

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