Martini Hour 074, In Which Deke Gets Rid of the Shnivels

Yes, there comes a day where you have to stop obsessing about electrons and start obsessing about ink. If you're like us, printing is just one of those things that can make you very crazy very quickly. During the course of revamping the "Print and Output" chapter from Deke's new book (that would be Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One, due in stores next week!) we noticed that a lot of information out there about printing is just plain wacky, overly complicated, or downright wrong. So this week, we not only dispel the myth that you shouldn't print from Photoshop, but we take the fairly controversial position that trial-and-error and good ol' common sense are going to get you a lot further than complicated instructions that lead you in confusing, pseudo-scientific circles.

And I know it may sound like we've over-imbibed, but in this week's show we discuss how you actually can print straight from Photoshop: Read more » 

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Photoshop CS3 Sharpen box art

Photoshop CS3 Sharpening Images

Real focus happens inside the camera's lens element. The sharpening features in Photoshop CS3 exaggerate the contrast along edges in a photograph to transform a well-focused image into an outstanding image. In Photoshop CS3 Sharpening Images, Deke McClelland teaches a host of sharpening and noise reduction techniques, including using filters such as Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, High Pass, and Reduce Noise. The training teaches the essentials of sharpening, including what it does, why it's important, and how the filters function. Read more » 

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