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Martini Hour 048, In Which Colleen Joins the Ranks of Jaded Tech Book Authors with Naïve Enthusiasm

This week, Deke and I ditch the guests (fabulous as they are) and return to our secret, undisclosed San Francisco location to talk about . . . our new book: Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One. The existence of this book comes as no surprise to anyone who's heard me whining about writing it all summer. In its honor, and happily ensconced in our comfy home turf, we brought back that old favorite, the Shameless Plug, because whose plugs are more important to us than our very own?

In a matter of minutes, the conversation veers away from the book and dangerously toward the product itself, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. After all, what other application offers you half of Photoshop's power for about one-tenth the price? Read more » 

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