The CanAm dekeSessions, a Video Review

Deke McClelland at Niagara Falls

Greetings from sunny (at least for today) but chilly Buffalo, NY. Deke's here presenting four sessions at the CanAm Photo Expo---the 53rd annual gathering of the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club. We're told that things are going to get pretty crazy later tonight down by the toasty warm indoor pool area.

I've ducked in to that pool area twice today when I just couldn't get the Buffalo chill out of my California bones. But Deke won't be by the pool tonight. He's preparing and resting for the (count 'em) four dekeTastic sessions he's presenting tomorrow. I know, lucky Niagaran Frontier Photo Folk get to spend all day with Deke, if they wish. 

Each session is based on a theme that's informed by a curated collection of Deke's Techniques. I thought I'd gather everything here so that the friendly, enthusiastic participants in Deke's audience tomorrow will have an easy place to go for more information, so that those of you not here enjoying the Niagarian icy sunshine can follow along at home, and (mostly) so that Deke doesn't have to memorize multiple complex URLs to share at the end of each session tomorrow. (For those of you not here, it's like a little taste of live Deke without the wind chill factor.)

Click Read More to get a list of links to watch the movies at (Many of these movies are free at, but if you're not a member and you run across an exclusive movie you'd like to watch, you can get a free week's trial membership by going to You'll need to be a member of dekeOnline to jump to the list, but hey, that's always free (sign up here).  Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques 297: Correct a Distorted Panorama

In this week's free Deke's Techniques episode, Deke shows you how to repair the distortion on a stitched panorama using Photoshop's Wide Adaptive Angle filter. To ensure that the exercise is a true challenge, he has used nineteen gorgeous shots of the Guggenhiem museum in Bilbao, a building which is itself a puzzle of unexpected alignment.  Read more » 

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New Course: Introducing Photoshop, the Photographer's Edition

The massive power of Photoshop can be intimidating if you're just starting out. Sometimes relationships (like yours with Photoshop) can be helped by an introduction from a trusted friend. For those of you who'd like to see what a little Photoshop knowhow can do for your Photography, Deke's got a new course---Introducing Photoshop: Photography---over at (and the Introduction and first four movies of it are unlocked so you can try it out free).

Introducing Photoshop: Photography

This particular course is designed to take you from square one---as in, never having used Photoshop before---to practical knowledge of Photoshop's everyday tools for organizing, developing, and refining photographs. Don't take my word for it, hear Deke's introduction by clicking on the image below. 

Watch the first five movies of Introducing Photoshop free

Then, you can click on "next" at the top of the player window to move through the next four movies of the course at If you're tempted by Deke's focused instruction, you can get a free week's trial at in order to finish the course.

And since this course is short and to the point, you'll probably have time leftover to move on to some of the more advanced material. My suggestion for the photographically focused is Photoshop CC One-on-One: Advanced, but there's a world of great photography courses in the libraryRead more » 

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Deke's Techniques 296: Removing a Photobomber with Classic Photoshop Tools

Remove an inadvertent photobombed with old school Photoshop tools

In this week's free Deke's Techniques episode, Deke uses some old-school (as in: Photoshop 3–era) tools to remove an inadvertent photobomber from an otherwise totally awesome group shot. 

The group in question consists of a delightfully filthy Deke and his equally crusty adventure-loving friends at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. (Aside: they claimed their sweaty handsomeness was the result of four days of plus-100 degree weather, so why is Scott wearing what looks to be a wool scarf?) The presumably innocent photobomber is that guy on the far right sticking out of Jacob's shoulder, making Jacob look like Zaphod Beeblebrox Come to Earth to Attend a Music Festival. 

Five guys and one unwanted head

In the video, you'll see how Deke approaches the challenge of removing Jacob's second smaller head using old school cut-and-paste, the Lasso tool, and a bit of erasing. Why would he go traditional when there are so many fancy modern tools for this kind of retouching? Well, look what happens with this Content-Aware Fill fail. It just multiplies and distorts the number of aliens growing out of Jacob: 


Trying the Patch tool with its new content-aware powers, leaves behind a decidedly other worldly glow: 

The patch tool leaves behind an other-worldly glow


But, using good old fashioned duplication of a selection and some careful tidying up restores Jacob to his awesome, but earthly, nature. And the photograph becomes a treasured memory of five fabulous, if filthy, literally earth-dwelling friends.

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Russell Brown's Adobe Master Class (ADIM) Returns to Boulder, and Deke returns to ADIM

Fans of Deke. Fans of Boulder. Fans of Russell Brown. Fans of something akin to "art camp" for Adobe-weilding grown ups. ADIM (a madcap themed masterclass hosted by Russell) is returning to our beautiful Boulder again this year. You should come. 

This years theme is "Japan by Design" and the project (which attendees get to work on over the course of three days holed up in the beautiful St. Julien Hotel in Boulder) is a wood and rice paper lantern. Here's one example:

Deke will be specifically doing sessions on Illustrator and Photoshop, designed to give participants advice on how to get their ideas onto the rice paper panels of this lantern project. Because ADIM traditionally involves full participation (from donning costumes, to performing songs, to actually making something) I have written haikus to describe Deke's sessions: 

Your very fine fish
Requires most succulent sauce
Master Deke supplies


Though paper is soft
The warrior must be sharp
Deke hones your weapon

"What the hell do those mean, Colleen?" Well, find out by reading the real descriptions at the ADIM website.

Or extrapolate from this example of a "chop" or Chinese seal that Deke made at Russell's request. 

Deke creates a "chop" style seal in Illustrator and Photoshop

(Note: If you can't make it to Boulder,  your consolation prize is that this project will be featured in an upcoming Deke's Techniques episode, or four.)

But you should come! Hang out with us. Hang out with the luminaries that Russell has put together to educate and entertain you. It's the most informative fun you can ever convince your boss, spouse, partner, or children is officially a "work conference." Hope to see you there (here!).  Read more » 

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