(De)Shaking It Up with Photoshop CC One-on-One: Mastery

Yesterday, released the latest update to that pinnacle of Photoshop One-on-One tutelage, the Mastery course for Creative Cloud. In this fourth-and-final offering, Deke covers some of the most complex features in Photoshop with his signature step-by-step tutorials and expert-level insights.

(Need a free week's trial at to check it out? Go to and it's all yours.)

One of those sophisticated features covered in this update is Photoshop's new Shake Reduction filter, which aims to reduce the effects of camera shake (i.e. movement of the camera/photographer during exposure). While the feature lives under the Sharpen sub-menu, and does in fact often render a sharper photo, it doesn't work to sharpen existing details as, say, Smart Sharpen does. Instead, it "magically" attempts to reconcile the multiple micro-perspectives that a slightly wiggly (i.e. human) hand might introduce. 

Just so happens that some of the free sample movies from this new course address this new feature in true dekeStyle. I mean, you can find several examples on the web that demonstrate the official way that Shake Reduction works or should work. But Deke's take is slightly more interesting, and to my mind, more practical. Although it doesn't render this GoPro shot of these three amigos (Producer Max PixleySmith, Deke, and James Williamson) tack sharp, it does make for an improved photograph. Here's the before and after to make my point:  Read more » 

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Deke's Technique 260: Hand-Painting an Image in Photoshop (with a Wacom Cintiq)

Hand-Painting an Image in Photoshop

In this week's free Deke's Techniques, Deke whips out his Wacom Cintiq. With it, he uses Photoshop to hand-paint a photograph, turning the stately serene lion on the left into the wicked wild cat on the right before your very eyes, using a combination of brush strokes and blend modes. 

Before and after hand painting in Photoshop Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques 258: Adding a Soundtrack to Your Photoshop Video

Adding a Soundtrack to Your Photoshop Video

In this week's Deke's Techniques video, Deke shows you how to add a musical soundtrack to a video in Photoshop. The example he uses continues to be from the epic Phantom Menace video he created a few weeks back. In this video, you'll see how relatively easy it is to import and adjust a soundtrack file to your existing Photoshop video project.  Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques 256: Editing a GoPro Video in Photoshop

Editing a  GoPro Video in Photoshop

This week's free Deke's Techniques video could be subtitled The Making of the DJI Phantom (Menace), Part I. In this movie, Deke shows you how he used Photoshop to edit the opening sequence of his classic GoPro film that documents the epic crashes of his early days as a Phantom Quadcopter pilot and aerial photographer. 

Using Photoshop's Timeline feature actually makes editing the opening sequence fairly straightforward. In this tutorial, Deke shows you how to fade in from black, and then edit down this opening shot into three separate clips with fades in between. Thus, the movie's premise is established, with the heart-warming family story of a boy mastering remote drone flying while perpetrating some good-natured aerial terror over his brother. 

For members of, Deke's got an an exclusive movie this week in which he shows you how he adds the crash sequences that give this story its epic action-adventure feel. If you're not yet a member of, you can get a free week's trial at to check out this and the entire Deke's Techniques collection. 

The Making Of will continue next week. Stay tuned. And look out below---as one YouTuber commented, "Deke, thank goodness you are better at Photoshop than flying quadrocopters!!" Read more » 

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Deke's Techniques 254: Merging Video Frames to Create the Best Aerial Drone-Captured Still Photograph

Merging Video Frames to Create the Best Still Photograph

It's a little bit surreal, and more than just a little guilt-inducing, to write up this week's free Deke's Techniques movie from the elegant Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastián, aka Donostia, in the Spanish Basque Country. This technique features some aerial drone photography that Deke captured a few weeks ago with his Phantom quadcopter and GoPro camera in the foothills of the Flatirons over Boulder, Colorado. After we left Boulder for Spain last week, the storm that saw us off ultimately brought record rainfall and devastating floods to Deke's hometown. The images of the flooding back home even made Spain's version of headline news.

You can see from this final photo of the Flatirons why the record rains had nowhere to go but downhill into the towns surrounding Colorado's Front Range.

Flatirons over Boulder taken with a quadcopter and GoPro camera

We can only imagine that this scene around the Chautauqua area of Boulder would look very different today. We send our best thoughts to those devastated by the flooding and our infinite gratitude to the folks back home who have already started ripping up carpet in Deke's flooded basements (after they braved treacherous roads just to get across town).

The photo itself was created by stacking multiple frames of a video taken with Deke's DJI Phantom quadcopter and GoPro Hero3 camera. You don't need either of these fancy toys to use this technique. However you do need Photoshop CC. This newest version of Photoshop gives you the ability to apply Camera Raw and the Median Stack Mode to a smart object.

Check out this technique, which could come in very handy for your own photography. And send your good thoughts to the intrepid inhabitants of Boulder, Colorado.  Read more » 

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