Deke’s Techniques 073: Creating Silky Smooth Skin in Photoshop

Deke’s Techniques 073: Silky Smooth Skin in Photoshop

Hey Gang. Today I make up for my outrageous post from last week with a classic retouching technique. One in which I take a photograph of a lovely woman and make her skin look wonderfully, reasonably, and altogether realistically smooth.

Here's the official description from Read more » 

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Deke’s Techniques 006: Smoothing Skin Texture with an Anti-Edge Mask

Deke’s Techniques 006: Smoothing with an Anti-Edge Mask

This week's movie says goodbye to the text effects and hello to photography techniques. Specifically, I show you a quick method for smoothing over skin details in a portrait shot. I start by inverting a layer of High Pass to "unsharpen" the image. (Credit Katrin Eismann for suggesting this trick to me in Martini Hour 059, "In Which We Attempt 20 Photoshop Tips in One Martini Hour.") For my tastes, that results in too much smoothing. So I set the High Pass layer inside an anti-edge mask of my own design. Read more » 

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Nested Smart Objects Tutorial

I don't usually do wee-hours-of-Sunday-morning posts. But I happened upon a pingback message in my inbox. And besides, I was supposed to review some contracts tonight. (Ug, contracts.) So I felt compelled to blow off my real work and do this instead.

An article that I wrote for Layers magazine got picked up as part of a big Smashing magazine compilation of "50 Excellent Digital Photography Photoshop Tutorials." (Mine is the very last one. Many of the others are very good, so check it out.) It's all old news. Both the compilation and the article appeared in 2008. But I hadn't seen either before so I thought, what the hey, I'd pass 'em along.

The topic of the article (entitled "Nesting Smart Objects for Multimask Effects in Photoshop") is every bit as relevant now as it was last year. It explains how to take an image that requires some advanced applications of sharpening and smoothing, and achieve both using a combination of nested smart objects, which in turn permit you to apply independently masked smart filters.

Along the way I take this uninspiring bison photo (that I shot, mind you):

And turn it into the elegantly finessed one below. (Damn, you one fine, sesame-sprinkled bison, Bison.)

The one thing missing is the full-res sample file. The Layers post includes a downloadable "before" file, but it's been downsampled so you'll get different results. Which is why I'm including the full-res file here. Read more » 

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The Instant Liquid Diet

dekePod Episode 010: I love this time of year. The crisp breeze on my back. The slight shiver. The smell of the new season.

It's nature's way of telling us to stock up. To fatten ourselves for the hard times ahead, when the ground is frozen and the crops are dead or bare. Only problem is, most of us don't have no stinkin' crops and the frozen foods aisle is as overflowing in December as it is in June. So every Holiday Season marks the introduction of a couple of new pounds that never seem to leave.

But what if this year was different? What if all photographic evidence pointed to a thinner you at the end of 2008? Let dekePod show you how. Here's the official marketing description: Read more » 

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