The Wages of Sin City

Do me a favor will you, friend? Get in my skin for a moment. A few moments, really. Specifically, last week in Las Vegas.

Imagine that you're speaking at Photoshop World, the biggest gathering of Photoshop users on the planet. You're responsible for a total of four sessions, amounting to a total of seven hours in front of several hundred attendees at a time. Meanwhile, you and your online sidekick, Colleen, have (as if on crack) decided to pack in a micro-event called Martini Hour Live, replete with 15 renowned guests and 200 attendees. Plus, at the last possible minute, when everything seemed safely at rest, you're called upon to close the event with a 5-minute demo in front of 3,000 people. And instead of doing something safe, you elect to try out a performance piece--the equivalent of a live dekePod, only entirely unscripted.

And then, just for larfs, picture your laptop covered in beer.

All of which happened. The net result is an argument in favor of temperance. But not in the way you might think. Read more » 

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We're in Sin City, and You Should Be, Too (for Martini Hour Live on Thursday from Our Temporary Lounge in the Mandalay Bay)

Deke and I are both here in Las Vegas getting ready for our first ever live recording of our podcast, Martini Hour. Yes, live, as in, in front of an audience full of loungers. (Oh yeah, there's also a little thing going on called Photoshop World, too.) As much fun as it is to hang out with Deke and Buddy and the Pimm's Quartet in the secret dekeLounge, I can't wait to get out in public at the Eyecandy Sound Lounge in Mandalay Bay this Thursday (and Buddy will be there too).

What a treat it will be to meet those dekeOmaniacs who make it out to our lounge-away-from-lounge here in Las Vegas. And hey, there are still some seats left for the early seating (1pm) of Martini Hour Live; just send an email to as soon as possible. (And check out the list below to see the amazing special guests who'll be hanging with us!) You don't have to be an attendee of Photoshop World either--you just have to get yourself to Vegas, babies. Seriously, we can't wait to meet you. And those who attend will receive a free stainless steel commemorative Martini Hour martini glass. Relaxing yet stimulating conversation, indestructable but elegant swag, and awesome but friendly special guests. And it's all free, babies! Why aren't you here yet?

I tell you, not only is my co-host charming, but he's very handy when you want a kick-ass graphic, as well! Read more » 

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Vegas + dekePod = magic, baby!

Hello friends of dekeOnline. It's 2am and I have to do a 4-hour presentation tomorrow. If that sounds like complaining, perish the thought. I can't wait for my afternoon session. But I have to get a little sleep at some point, so I'll make this short.

First, I'm currently sitting at a desk in a room on the 14th floor of Mandalay Bay, which is one of two hotels at the extreme ends of the Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay is the one with the Shark Reef exhibit in it, right across from the main airport. How is it I'm managing to hang with both the sharks and the jets? Because tomorrow marks the beginning of Photoshop World, that twice-a-year gala event where we celebrate all things Photoshop. And photographic. And just plain phun. Read more » 

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Deke (& CW) at Photoshop World

Hey gang,

What with Labor Day and the ensuing Photoshop World -- which takes place this very week in the world's capital of elegance and culture, Las Vegas -- I couldn't squeeze in one of my mostly weekly dekeStuff articles. So instead, I wanted you to be the first to know exactly what I have planned for this week, at Photoshop World.

Vegas, baby Read more » 

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