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Martini Hour 077, In Which Deke Is Surrounded by Charming, If Foul-Mouthed, Women Who Defend Your Right to Doodle

My dear dekeArtistas, did you get in trouble for doodling when you were supposed to be paying attention in school? (I didn't, because I was all about the words, baby. But I might know a creature or two who did.) Good friend of the dekeLounge, and recently published authoress Sunni Brown (whose book Gamestorming is storming the Amazon charts as we speak!) comes back to the lounge to explain what she actually, ahem, does for a living. Call it graphic recording, call it visual notetaking, or join Sunni's movement and call it "strategic doodling."

Martini Hour 077, The Doodle Revolution

Why, in the name of all that is visually holy, is doodling frowned upon? And what exactly is the form and texture of Sunni's "doodle revolution?" Here are some thoughts that Sunni shared on this week's show: Read more » 

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Drawing Beyond Colleen-O-Vision

For those of you inspired by Deke's recent revival of his classic Cereal comic strip, it's never too late for you to find your own inner cartoonist. I discovered this the other day during an excellent three-hour webinar on Visual Note-taking put on by the folks at VizThinkU. During the first segment of the seminar, Austin-based artist and author, Austin (from Austin) Kleon explained, "If you can write your own name, you can cartoon." OK, maybe not cartooning as well as Austin or Deke can, but certainly well enough for effective visual communication. Here's my favorite of Austin's exercises:

1) Start with nine boxes (you can draw a box can't you?) three rows of three boxes each. Add dots for eyes and half a triangle for noses.

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