Eight Days in Orlando

Well, kids, I recently returned from an extended trip to Orlando. And it was every bit as magical (you pick your variety) as you would imagine. I mixed it my two sons, my ex (mother of my sons), and the Photoshop World conference, not to mention the heat, humidity, and monsoon-style rain that is the central Florida. We loved it, we hated it. We celebrated, we cursed. Here's a snapshot from one of the sunny days, featuring my wicked-smart highly social eldest son, Max, on the right, and my wicked-tough circumspect youngest son, Sam, on the left. Two more different boys you could not meet. And yet, they both chose to adorn themselves in goofy sunglasses and ball caps. Gosh, I love them.

Sam and Max in Magic Kingdom

In reflecting on the eight days of pure Disneyness, I'm not sure I have much of a story to tell. Not one that hasn't been told before, anyway. There were huge crowds, long lines, and short rides. We spent a lot of energy grabbing food, drink, and "fast pass" tickets. And whenever I spoke with a Disney "cast member," each and every hireling ended our discussion with that excellent catchphrase, "Have a magical day!" Which, despite the amazing sincerity with which the words were delivered, did nothing to heighten the #magic of the crowds, lines, and short rides.

Do I sound Grumpy? Perish the thought! We had an exemplary time. Read more » 

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Photoshop World 2010 Las Vegas Session Notes

A mere three weeks ago---seriously? has it been that long?---I joined a few dozen of my fellow self-appointed experts for the largest gathering of Photoshop users on the planet: Photoshop World 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At that event, I presented three all-new sessions on the topics of Photoshop CS5, the pen tool, and Camera Raw 6.

Photoshop World 2010 PDF notes for download

At that event, I distributed more than a thousand black-and-white notes that my illustrious sidekick, Colleen Wheeler, printed out for the attendees. But black-and-white goes only so far. Which is why I include the notes for all three sessions as full-color PDF documents that you can download from this post. The notes are altogether free to members of dekeOnline. Read more » 

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The Wages of Sin City

Do me a favor will you, friend? Get in my skin for a moment. A few moments, really. Specifically, last week in Las Vegas.

Imagine that you're speaking at Photoshop World, the biggest gathering of Photoshop users on the planet. You're responsible for a total of four sessions, amounting to a total of seven hours in front of several hundred attendees at a time. Meanwhile, you and your online sidekick, Colleen, have (as if on crack) decided to pack in a micro-event called Martini Hour Live, replete with 15 renowned guests and 200 attendees. Plus, at the last possible minute, when everything seemed safely at rest, you're called upon to close the event with a 5-minute demo in front of 3,000 people. And instead of doing something safe, you elect to try out a performance piece--the equivalent of a live dekePod, only entirely unscripted.

And then, just for larfs, picture your laptop covered in beer.

All of which happened. The net result is an argument in favor of temperance. But not in the way you might think. Read more » 

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Vegas + dekePod = magic, baby!

Hello friends of dekeOnline. It's 2am and I have to do a 4-hour presentation tomorrow. If that sounds like complaining, perish the thought. I can't wait for my afternoon session. But I have to get a little sleep at some point, so I'll make this short.

First, I'm currently sitting at a desk in a room on the 14th floor of Mandalay Bay, which is one of two hotels at the extreme ends of the Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay is the one with the Shark Reef exhibit in it, right across from the main airport. How is it I'm managing to hang with both the sharks and the jets? Because tomorrow marks the beginning of Photoshop World, that twice-a-year gala event where we celebrate all things Photoshop. And photographic. And just plain phun. Read more » 

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