A Car of Many Colors

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Amazing demonstration, who

Amazing demonstration, who would expect that photoshop is always the best photo editor, im very impressed by this.


Very detailed, not confusing and very helpful. Thank you very much I appreciate your effort.


U're the best ever man , believe me .

That is the easiest way to

That is the easiest way to change color to a different color. Best tutorial I've ever had. I get new interesting things to do aside from reading mystery novels.


awesome, as always. thanks for sharing.


Amazing! I admire the talent you got dudes. From every contribution like this I try to to take the best, you are amazing teachers. Thanks God you share your knowledge.

It is very good tutorial for

It is very good tutorial for free online user. Any one can easily learn Photoshop through this of blog post. I am very appreciate for this blog.


This is amazing - I'n new to photoshop. I did watch your HDR video and is so cool but unfortunetly I try to do it and did get as result a black image not sure why? I'm using cs6


I where looking for this tut!!! GRACIAS Super Deke!

Fantastic goods from you,

Fantastic goods from you, man. I've studied your stuff ahead and you're just, well, amazing. I enjoy what you've got here, adore what you're putting out there and the way you say it.

Great tutorial

Thank you......amazing tutorial

Great tutorial.

Great tutorial.


One more amazing tutorial. Greetings from Spain.

Great Tutorial

As always there is something new i can learn from you Deke..
I love the black car thing.. Thumbs up for the Photoshop Master :)