A Pattern Emerges

Illustrator Challenge

How to create half drop and random patterns in multiple color ways using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

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Creating Color Chips?

Great tutorial! I especially loved all of the info on working with color. Can you explain how you made the color chips? It seemed like a simple thing, almost like you chose the action from a menu, but perhaps you did each one by hand? Thanks!

Fantastic tut, love the

Fantastic tut, love the techniques and tips!

Inspired to Design Textiles!

Great entry. Clear and easy to follow. I'm so inspired to give this a try and create some textile designs. Thanks!

Love this!

I've started doing game assets in illustrator so I will totally use this. Clear and full of great advice, just like your last tutorial. :)


Thanks so much :0)


I knew the basic technique but I never thought to copy the keyboard increment to the preferences. That makes it a lot easier than strictly using the transform tool like I did in the past. Great presentation too!


Yes it's a big time saver-- I had one of those "Duh" moments at 2am one night when I was crankng out a job. :0)
Glad you like it.