A Time of Thanks

Hello fellow intreped colonists of dekeTown. Colleen here, filling in on newsletter duties while Deke finishes up the latest book.

It's that time of year when the weather changes, the days grow short, and life turns inward. The time of year when the cold and rain bring actual marching ants into the kitchen to make their very own "selection" around a grease spot on the counter. The time to put away the ice cubes and devise ways to drink bourbon that involve coffee mugs and aromatic spices. The time when it's nice to just stay inside by the glow of the monitor and write books about the classic theme of Photoshop Channels and Masks. And it's also the time when we in the States take a day (well, really it turns into a four-day weekend) to reflect on what we are thankful for: 

This week, I'm feeling particularly grateful for David Futato, our resident design mastermind who also co-wrote the latest relase from Deke Press, Adobe InDesign CS4 One-on-One, which is in-stock this week on Amazon. This book is one serious piece of work. I basically learned InDesign from the CS2 version of One-on-One and I've just watched the editions get more and more ass-kickingly beautiful over the last three years.

I'm also grateful for dekePod, which this week shows you how to reduce the effects of Thanksgiving overindulgence, at least as far as photographs are concerned -- did I mention we eat ourselves silly on day one of the four-day weekend? -- by showing you how to slim down that bloated belly using Photoshop's Liquify filter.

I'm grateful to Deke for letting me hijack the newsletter this week (while I lock him away in his Channels and Masks Tower), so that I can have this chance to be grateful. And for letting me be the regular-sized-brain sidekick to his notoriously enormous cranium here at deke.com.

And finally (well, of course the list goes on, but now you know how boring Thanksgiving dinner can get when you just want some freaking turkey and another glass of wine and some do-gooder comes up with the "idea" that everyone should go around the table -- usually holding hands -- and say what they're thankful for), I'm thankful for the wonderful way you, the now 4452 registered stalwart persevering members of dekeColony, have really helped us build a sustainable, supportive, band-together-through-the-first-harsh-winter kind of community here. I love you guys! (Especially those of you who gave me hot costumes and/or weapons in the "Big Head" competition.)

Truly ... thank you.

Official Sidekick, deke.com

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I'm Thankful

For this fun distraction during these tough times of unemployment. And finally catching up on all the Deke videos and reading the books when they come out. Even with tough times ahead we all can come here as a family and enjoy ourselves. MY family thanks you. Now lets see some turkey photoshoping!!!! Tim

I tell you, that's the nicest thing I heard today

Thanks for the kind words, Tim. You're right about it being nice to have a nice place to go when things get tight and pinched in the world.

Yes, that was uplifting...

...even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. :-) I felt a bit guilty today for unloading personal stuff where it really had no place - but at the same time I have to thank y'all for not saying "hey! this is a Deke doing Adobe site - fcuk off with yer personal drama". So, thanks. :-) Aside from that, I'm thankful that modern science has brought us the antibiotic, among other things. And that art and science have brought us such wonders to behold as "imaginary colours", "curves", "masks", "martinis" and the like. :-D And that, above all, we are still so very fortunate to live on this beautiful Earth. Take care, y'all. Happy Thanksgiving. :-) By the way: good luck with work, Tim! Things will bounce back again soon, I'm sure. :)

Best Wishes