Add the Definitive Edge with Sharpening

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Sharpening Help!

First off, love your stuff. I am a subscriber and owe 90% of my PS knowledge to you. You know stuff about PS that probably no one knows or even needs to know but ends up coming in handy. =)

Now my question:
I am currently watching your sharpening series on Lynda. Who knew that someone could make 10 hours worth of videos on sharpening? Anyway, I am to the point where I determine my sharpening by measuring my screen and diving my resolution by the screen size, etc.

I have a 27" iMac display and I am coming up with a screen res of around 82 on the width side. Does that seems reasonable or am I doing something wrong? It's not falling in between the range you claim most monitors should fall, which I forget off hand but I am sure it's shy by a few points.

My resolution is set to 1920 X 1080 and my horizontal screen measurement is 23.25" (approx.)
Vertical measurement is 13.25", which gives me a screen res of around 76. Seems to me this is low but since 72 was the standard (and I have been using that for years before seeing this series), does that seem reasonable?

Thanks and keep up the lessons. Lovin' it!


Hi Deke,
"You need at least 1 px of radius for every 3 px of resolution. So, 3 px is great for 300 ppi output."
I don't understand how you got 3 px for 300 ppi?

"Decide Deke's Fate"

I notice that one of the options is to "create a series of Photohop CS5 Extended 3D courses". Does that mean he teaches dancing; or has he replaced his monopod with a pogo stick?



Wow, that was very comprehensive. I'll have to read it at least twice. Thanks for the history on the USM - I never could make that term make sense and now it does! :-)

Butterfly Photo

Deke...Your butterfly photo really gave me a start! I recently printed the same "guy," seen at a butterfly "farm" outside of Independence, Oregon.

Norm Sams

Sharpening and High Pass

Hi Deke,

Ever since taking your excellent CS5 One-on-One course on, I've often used High Pass for special sharpening jobs. I think it offers something a little different, and is flexible enough to let me get utterly ridiculous with the sharpening bit if I want to.

Thanks for the tip!

CS5 vs Lightroom

Hey Deke,

An interesting and useful article. I shoot raw and use Lightroom 3 for processing before importing into CS5. I do my sharpening in LR3 and do none in CS5. Do you think that this is the correct sequence or should I do all my sharpening in CS5?