ADIM (Awesome Russell Brown Design Masterclass) Returns from the Dead: Deke and Zombies to Appear

What do monsters, microbrews, and Deke have in common? They'll all be benevolently haunting the ADIM conference in Boulder April 7–10. ADIM is the brainchild (braaaains) of Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown, in which he brings together:

1. Some of the most trusted names in photography and graphic design instruction (which of course is why Deke will be there, not just because Deke's Techniques 075 was about zombies), and

2. A roomful of computers, with Adobe Creative Cloud installed, manned by designer attendees (the goody bag for the conference includes a year subscription to CC), and

3. Usually some kind of wacky output device (I believe this year it's a machine that etches beer bottles), and

4. Inevitably, costumes, creativity, and chaos. 

Seriously, just look at this awesome logo. You can read the details of the top-notch (in addition to Deke) instructors, luscious goodie bags, and potentially outrageous, instructive fun here at the ADIM13 site. Did I mention zombies are involved? 

And seriously, wasn't this zombie project of Deke's born to be etched onto a beer bottle? That's what too much delicious Boulder brew will do to you people. (Hmm, I'm thirsty.) Don't be scared; come to Boulder. 




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