Advanced Sharpening Techniques (or "Close to the Edge"), Part Deux

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The smartest thing since the invention of the toothpick...

Well the obvoius answer to get rid of camera shake induced blurriness during photography is of course to use a tripod, but who likes to carry that obese thing around at all times when goofing around with the camera.

Check this dudes solution out for a very price worthy pocket sized alternative...

As simple as it gets...



Love the High Pass technique on my old blurry photos from yesteryear!

this is probably a dumb thing to do but

I've been using the highpass sharpen technique since seeing you use it in your vids. Something I do extra though is to do a fairly severe remove noise on the highpass layer once it's been highpassed - for old photos that are quite grainy and out of focus a bit. I've kind of needed to have a fast yet effective method of running through dozens of photos (I'm helping someone with their extensive old photo collection) and it seems to work well, sharpens the basics without sharpening the noise. Most of the time highpass doesn't have any noise but when the photo is particularly grainy and the focus is quite soft it helps to keep the noise at a minimum.

Or is there a better way? I don't know but it does work well as an action that I can use on lots of photos at a time :)

Actually, this sounds really smart!

Sorry, just found this comment from ages ago, but I like the idea. I'll have to try it out. Thx for sharing!