Amazingly, There Is No Fire

I arrived home yesterday. Am flying out again tomorrow.

But the big and the small of it is: The fire seems to be gone. You can't see it, there is no smoke, and all seems to be well. I'm just 2 miles from where it started. And when I look out, from my home at the base of The Flatirons, all is well. It even rained for a few minutes. Tonight it's a mere 70 degrees F.

Good news for Boulder. My thoughts go out to the rest of the front range. Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, stay safe. I hope this Summer enters a lion and leaves as a lamb. This is the world's most beautiful state. I'm not boasting, it simply is. I hope never to see a Summer like this again.

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Your Charmed Life Continues

I'm very glad to hear your home was unscathed, Deke.

To everyone on the blog, have a Happy Fourth of July--this year, reflect on the meaning of Independence & Liberty.


"Thanks again, for another day full of something that I
just can't put my finger on." -- Kim Knoche