Brushing Up on Photoshop's Advanced Painting Tools

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thank you!

I just got one for our anniversary present. Thank you so much! Can't wait to come back and read this tonight.

omg your dvds are incredible

thanks <3


C Bates

It would have been very helpful for you to give a snap shot of each brush you used and what their settings were
and what it looked like in a photoshop document.

It would have been very helpful to explain what are the best ways to make our own cool brushes from scratch and/or from an image. There are things that really work, and others that do not.

It was helpful to know how to sort brushes and delete more than one at a time. I shall have to save those instructions.

This was really just a tutorial on how to use the brush pallet. Not a tutorial on how to make the illustration you showed us and led me to believe you were going to illustrate how you did it.

That was a false lead, and wasted my time, as I already know how to work with brush pallet.

However it was an excellent tutorial on using the brush pallet. May I post this link on my blog on my website?
I am a professional photographer and member of Website is

Audio-visuals like Lynda's ...

... are frustrating and hugely inefficient. Do you plan to put any of this material into print? Is any of it already in print?


Painting with PS CS5

Sure would like to see all the painting tuts in one collection. Beginner to Adv.