Captain Kirk Does dekePod

Hello, how are you? I am fine.

I know. It's too early to require your attention. Either you're so jubilant you can barely contain yourself. Or you're so angry you could spit. Or you live in a country that isn't America and you're thinking how great it'd be if America would get over its Big Old Self. For example, here's how they see us from the moderately-down-under nation of Kenya:

From Kenya

Still, I beg your indulgence. For today marks three things:

  • My book Adobe InDesign CS4 One-on-One is due out any day. (That's not really a "today" thing. But it's an exciting any-day-real-soon kinda thing.)
  • Another of my books, Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One, is slated for release before the year's end. I'm especially obsessed with this title because I'm working on it right now. And it appears to be shaping up into something exceptional.
  • I just dropped another dekePod, this one being Episode 009, Sixties Space Siren. In which I explain everything you ever wanted to know about 1960s space sirens. And their amazing effect over Iowa's favorite son, Captain James T. Kirk.

This last item is huge. Because it's that rare time-independent piece. That takes you out of the present. And delivers you into the past. And eventually transports you into the future.

Which, in case you're wondering, looks like this:

If those images resonate with you, join us at If they make you angry, register your discontent at For more information, visit

In conclusion, (Am I being too subtle?)


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FINALLY, i can stop pretending to be canadian when i travel. deke, just read "don't fear the lab mode"......OMG, that is INSANE how cool it is!!!! THANKS...... I NEED MORE!!!!! lynda, here i come......... keep up the great work, al x

All I know is...

it's over now. For myself, I love the USA again (even if you are full of weirdos :p ) Suddenly the world feels like a much more hopeful place, and it's important not to get into divisive arguments with others - but to smile and share the happy (preferably without gloating). For us non-USAers - we can breathe deeply and relax again. Maybe our world won't crumble after all. :) The future is so bright... Love and happy flowers, Petra :)

Palin Bush Supporter

I am consistently amazed at the nut jobs who vote for these clowns.Although I live in NYC today, I have tried to find an articulate Palin/Bush Supporter. But comments like "they hate out freedoms" and these are the "Real Americans" just keep poppin up with no real explanation. It's like they think by saying things like "misunderestimated" I will be amazed at their intellect and feel I am unable to handle the pedantry, of their Genius. What is the difference between a jock strap and a Palin/Bush Supporter?

Nice Friday morning polemic

Honestly, James. Be nice. There was a lot of unfortunate bashing in the last weeks. The months before the election are never pretty. But here in CO (and I would imagine in NY), there are lots of articulate McCain supporters. I was just talking to such a guy last night. Fellow was articulating his brains out. And truthfully, there's a lot to admire about McCain. He was the son of an admiral who was the son of an admiral, and yet even in the very last days of his captivity in Vietnam, he refused to be set free until all of his fellow POWs were released. He championed campaign finance reform. He's aggressive, even impulsive, but he frequently reaches across the aisle and he seems to very much believe in his mission. And he was right about one thing: He had more experience. As for the newsletter, I didn't mean to invoke a partisan response. I meant to trade one shared cultural experience (the election) for another (Star Trek). Plus, I found it personally amusing to turn the map upside down and swap the color of most the states. And label everything dekePod b/c I'm a megalomaniac. So please, when commenting, let's all try to remember what Steve Martin's grandmother said: "Be courteous, kind, and forgiving." I think if we all live by that code, we'll be okay. And if you can also live by "Get all excited and go to a yawning festival," all the better.

difference blend mode

It's been a long 8 years! And I have lost an awful lot, Not just a job, house, wife and brother but my belief in my governments having our back, the media telling the truth, the health care system functioning for the good of the patient not the dollar, the idea that we went to war to protect innocent people, politicians standing up for whats right, fair and decent. I suppose I feel like when I was younger, kids had more respect for their elders, government was accountable and people knew who their neighbors were, and were quick to help when help was needed.Maybe every generation feels that these things were lost over time. The last time I had hope was before the name Monika became a household word. Which has been longer then 8 years, but the direction our country has been driven in has cost all of us something. Even if you got fat on the Bush Doctrine, the world lost it's faith in the goodness of our people, and at what cost? It's going to take sometime to put our country right side up again, and I just don't believe that could happen with the same greedy, self-centered,unethical cheats who have deemed themselves unaccountable and above the law. It's my people, the working poor, who will have to continue to pay for the travesty of the last 8 years. We are the "Real Americans", not the people standing at Shara's rallies, chanting "kill him". But how bad did it have to get? I know this isn't the place to discuss this stuff, but when I see the topic it's hard for me not to speak out.If you don't stand for something then you will fall for anything. It's been a long 8 years. I have been trying to better understand, I really want to.

Hey, James

((((hugs))))) The world keeps on turning, brother. We humans keep being brilliant, being idiots, being altruistic, being solipsistic, being gorgeous, being ugly...around and around and around we go - sometimes the good times last for a couple of generations or so and sometimes the bad times do. That's life. :) Just don't give up on all the good people, James. There's loads of them out there. Honest! And, as Winston Churchill once said: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.” And I'm so happy that you guys have finally exhausted everything else!! LOL. Take care, man. It's always the darkest hour right before the dawn. :) Peace.

My 2 Cents... FWIW

Hateful, divisive stereotypes and "put downs" seem out of place here (as well as everywhere else) to me. I don't see the humor in it and am not laughing. I support Barack Obama's call for healing and unity and trust we can get past such nonsense. Can't we all just get along? Thnx for listening. Thomas Thomas Benner


Ok, I know this is something some people might hate me for but...last time I checked America was a continent and not a country...and not only US citizens are Americans

At the risk of sounding pedantic

My use of the word America was by design. In recent years in particular, I've been really careful to use U.S. or The States. I only use America when mocking our inflated sense of self importance. As Andrew Jackson once said, "The eyes of all nations are fixed on our Republic." We've always thought we're something special -- b/c our experimentation in democracy is so darn entertaining, don't you know. Which is why I propose we change our name from the United States of America, which is boring to Look@MeLand. Or perhaps WeF'inRuleWorld. Better yet, Rock&RollPartyPlanet of America. That way, we could still call ourselves Americans. Here's something else Jackson said: "Never for a moment believe that the great body of the citizens of any State or States can deliberately intend to do wrong. They may, under the influence of temporary excitement or misgiuded opinions, commit mistakes; but in a community so enlightened and patriotic as the United States argument will soon make them sensible of their errors, and when convinced they will be ready to repair them." No wonder Bill Kristol compared Sarah Palin to Old Hickory.