Colleen-o-Vision Tribute to Birthday Deke

If I could, I'd give you this 24K gold martini necklace in real life. You're the king of this hill, and we adore you of our own free will not just because you decree it to be so. Happy Birthday, Deke! (You really are the tops.)


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I have used 4 effects out of

I have used 4 effects out of 7 on CSS3. Mostly developers are preferring to work on CSS3 instead of JavaScript.

Great post!

I look forward to reading more.

Happy birthday,

Happy birthday, Deke!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, sorry I'm late but better late than never.

Have a great day!

I don’t know how you do it

But you manage to make learning about some of the biggest, ugliest, meanest programs on the planet (aside from Publisher, which is just distasteful), so practical and easy! I can almost hear you singing the 'meeeeeee' in the Happy Birthday song right through the screen -- you've shaped that vowel so nicely in the photo! Well done Colleen.


Happy birthday dude!!! Lots more to come as well as PS and Illustrator classes. Best of all. God bless. Nelson.

Thanks for the post. Keep

Thanks for the post. Keep the great work.
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Is it safe to send email to

Is it safe to send email to PM/President wishing success or happy birthday/or happy new year?

A Toaster huh!

Happy (belated) Birthday Deke. (I never knew Deke was a Cylon! Surely one of the good ones. Gotta watch those iPhones...).

Happy Birthday, Deke

Hey!! I learned a lot from you man..thnx for your great work and it's brightened the lives of us..Am I a bit high tone..Happy Birthday!

yeah we do learn a lot from

yeah we do learn a lot from him i must agree to that point...
i must say i enjoyed this blog as much as you do...

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday from me too.

Happy birthday to one of the

Happy birthday to one of the best Photoshop tutorialists around! I’m still getting the hang of CS4. I’m a Mac user, so I usually dive right into my new media programs like a boy in a toy store, but CS4 has been a little trickier than I’d anticipated! I have to do some photoshopping now and then at work, and I usually prefer to figure it out for myself, but Deke’s videos have helped me out more than a few times when I’ve been on a deadline and trying to get the hang of some tool or trick that I just couldn’t grasp, so I’m more than willing to raise a toast to his birthday.

Happy Birthday

Many more happy returns of the day deke....:D

Isn't that richard gariott

Isn't that richard gariott in the picture?

beloved wishes

All everyone need is a beautiful beloved wishes. That's all.

How long have you been in

How long have you been in this field? You seem to know a lot more than I do, I’d love to know your sources!
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Dekes! Happy Day, Happy Year!

Great to see posts from all over...Hope you're still celebrating! t

31 march ? oh yeah!! KEEP CELEBRATING :))

Thank you for great job Deke and I wanna to congratulate you with such great day, day that's only once at year... you're one of such people that never loose time senselessly, and that's great 'cos we have only one life and we have to do our best every day, we have to go forward ! and you are leading us in wonderful digital world :)... so.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! :) P.S. wanna blending modes CS4 please :))) *blushed*

С Днём Рождения, Дик!

C Днём Рождения, Дик! And Thanks for your Total Trainings for Ps and Ai, they helped me so much! : ) Alexander, Russia, Kazan

What are the causes of

What are the causes of changing trends in birthday parties?

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A belated Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday from Northern Nevada! Hope you had one of the best times of your life. p.s. Love the way you teach Photoshop CS4! I'm still a beginner but catching on fast for a person that is obviously (or maybe not so obviously) older than you. Linda


30 comments and nobody's going to bust our favorite editor-babe on the spelling of "Your the king"? Tsk, tsk. OK, now that that's out of the way, Happy Birthday, Deke!

Excellent blog post, I look

Excellent blog post, I look forward to reading more.

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I Know Not of What You Speak

OK, Dread, you're the king today!

I believe C just left out a word or two

As in "Your [online persona is] king of the hill." Or "Your [kooky but humorous visage shall soon be] king of the hill." Or 'Your [engorged endocrine gland can't help but be the once and future] king of the hill." The possibilities are endless. It's a chance for your to flex you imagination.

Happy Birthday from Canada

Hello Deke, Oops, a few days late. Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration! - Gale Franey

Happy Birthday from Thailand

Have a joyful, waiting for your visit Thailand Thai Adobe User Group Manager