Colleen-o-Vision Tribute to Birthday Deke

If I could, I'd give you this 24K gold martini necklace in real life. You're the king of this hill, and we adore you of our own free will not just because you decree it to be so. Happy Birthday, Deke! (You really are the tops.)


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Happy Birthday from Thousand Oaks

A little belated, sorry. Everybody I've checked out so far with my Cylon detector is human, including my dog. I'm a little jealous, actually. Maybe that explains your Photoshop and Illustrator super powers.

Omg...... i am late. to say

Omg...... i am late. to say happy birthday. :D if i could , i will give you a golden cake. Orz..

Happy Birthday from Beirut!!

Hope you had a great one. Would you have thought you'd be known in this #%$#% part of the world!!! Naz

Happy birthday "young man" ;)

Happy birthday "young man" ;)

Where's Deke

Happy Birthday, Deke. We really missed you and at Photoshop World....lots of us! Best wishes, Roger

Hey, man, thanks for that!

That's great to hear. Plus, got a call a few hours back from Jeff Schewe and Bert Monroy and Martin Evening and John Paul C, wishing me well and relating their various experiences. It was really sweet, actually (if a dude can say that about a call from a bunch of other dudes). They all mentioned how much earlier they were getting to bed without me there. I had no idea I was such a bad influence. Which made me feel excellent, of course. Anyway, I missed it, too. I gather I'll be invited to Vegas, whenever the Fall event is. In which case, be forewarned: All your base are belong to me, baby. (Altho, in real life, I'm an exceedingly mild-mannered guy.)

Happy Birthday, Deke!

I called (888) dekePOD and left a question: Do you want the post-birthday party bond money in $20s and $50s, or as a cashier's check? To the best balance of brains, talent, chutzpah and humor in the business: Cheers, my man. --Steve Weiss

Now that was nice

If I was a zygote trying to select the guy I wanted to be, that combination of adjectives would be precisely it. Thanks for that, kind sir. (And to answer your question, any denomination. But look, the judge won't let me go for less than 100 large. You got that, right? Tell me you do. Bail is the publisher's responsibility, yes? That's what Hunter told me.)

Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes have gone around the world. You have global domination-Time to party? Have a great one!


Of course to show just how much we/you care buy a book or something to help support the Deke. And when is he coming to our town(s) to do a seminar? keith


My b'day was a couple days ago, and I received CS4 Channels & Masks as a gift. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Of course, I get outed on my birthday

I mean, how fair is that? Thanks so very much to Bruce Heavin of for this. Worse, he accurately identified me with nothing more than a common iPhone. Seriously, I had no idea my thin veil of a disguise was so thinly veiled.

С днём рождения

С днём рождения Дик! from Russia Anton

Happy Birthday Deke - You and Russell Brown in the Martini Loung

wen Deke and Russell - what a great double.

Happy Birthday

looking for more good tutorials from you, as you provide always...your tutorials are great to learn.....Happy Birthday to you.

Kia huritau ki a koe, DekeMaster!

Happy Birthday, Deke! May you have a gorgeous day filled with family, friends, fun and love - all the good things in life. :-D Aroha nui, Petra (in Maori NZ).

What a bunch of sweethearts, I tell ya!

This is just plain nice. Like a virtual party -- & in multiple languages, no less! Much obliged to you all. I especially love the martini bling. Gotta get me summa tha' shiznit.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

And best wishes to you Dekerino. I already had a glass tonight but what the heck, I'll raise another to your health, Cheers!

Happy Birthday, maestro!

Be careful with martini ;) Erik from Slovakia

Joyeux anniversaire!!!

Vous cachez votre âge bien !

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Deke, from the UK

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I'm even removing my avatar for this post only so it's not taken out of context. -iVan

Happy birthday Dekezor! Best

Happy birthday Dekezor! Best wishes! Zilla

Viva, viva!

Happy Birthday (feliz cumpleaños) from Spain. Have a great day!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Happy Birthday Deke! And did you know, its my Sons birthday too!!!! He (Joel) is 2 today...

Happy Birthday Joel

For the record, Deke > 2.

Happy Birthday!

Have a great day!

Happy birthday from Austria!

Hi deke! Best wishes from Austria! Martin

Happy Birthday Deke !

Yo, Deke dude, you da man! Have a fan-dam-tastic birthday ! Remiss63