Configurator: CS4 Treasure Trove

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No install -

Hello Perhaps someone can help me.. I try step one and double-click and it opens the manager but get the error message that it cannot create the program files.... treasure trove folder - it attempts both x86 and the 64 program files directories...

any help
much appreciated

Photoshop Top 40

Where are the older ones: #1 - 4 of the the PS Top 40 located?

Older episodes of Photoshop Top 40

CS4 eraser problem

Hi, hope someone can help me out, the problem that I am having is when I use the background eraser, or the eraser, a line deleting anything in its path comes from out of nowhere. This is not a once only time, hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

Hey, happy birthday!!

Happy birthday, Deke. Stay cool.

Happy B-day Deke

It is just great to know that I share the same b-day with one of my favorite person.
Have a great one - Oscar Roldan

"Photoshop CS4, Channels & Masks - one-on-one" book

I know your are very busy, but I just started to read and install several beginning items, as described in your book, "Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks.

(1) I tried installing "Channels and Masks.mxp" as described on Page xvii. I get an "Error Message" stating, "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file."

I reinstalled Photoshop CS4 Extended, thinking this might solve the problem, but it didn't.
As far as I believe, all software on the computer are running the latest updates.
My computer is an iMac 24" running Snow Leopard 10.6.2

(2) Thinking there might be additional information, on the video, PsCM videos.htm, I double clicked on that icon, but the only thing I saw was Firefox with a Blank opening screen.

Apparently, I need some help/additional guidance, etc.


How do I access tutorials features 1 to 4?

Extension Manager Won't Install....

I keep getting an error message tellong me it won't install...running Vista....Any ideas?


Illustrator CS4 One-on-One

Okey-Dokey Deke-Mon...When will your new tome, AI 1-on-1, be available? I have loved all previous 1-on-1 tomes...Channels and Masks, InDesign, Photoshop. Please say the AI will be home for X'mas!


Bad News

Hey there,
Just to let you know, Deke's Illustrator One-on-One will be a CS5 (or whatever the next version is called) release, so it's possible you'll see it before next Christmas but not this one.
In the meantime, he has an Illustrator One-on One video series available at, it's about 40 hours and is the best training around for CS4.
Hope that helps

Thanks a lot for such a detailed info

Thanks a lot for such a detailed information i'll be trying this sooner and will post back the results i achieved. Once again thanks for your great tips.

Marry Butler

Very informative post thank

Very informative post thank you so much for sharing

Deke, I'm working on your

I'm working on your second book, Channels & Masks, and couldn't get the Paste Behind mac shortcut (p. 147) to work. I'm using CS4 and Tiiger on my Mac. Any thoughts? I've tried several times.


Allright, how'd you do it? I recall you said there must be a "hook" to the vibrance in the past. Where is it, cap'n? -iVan Happy, happy, joy, joy! __________________________________________________

I had the same problem!

I had the same problem!

CS4 Treasure Trove - how about CS3?

Will this custom pallet and supporting files work in CS3? I haven't yet tried to install it. I went through an epic CS3 installation effort a while back, which is why I'm still using CS3 (I'll upgrade again when CS5 is available to the mainstream). It would be good to know if I should expect it to work beforehand (perhaps the "CS4" reference is a clue...?). By the way, I am also a huge Deke fan since signing-on with I'm in awe of your incredible teaching style, efforts and contributions (thankyouthankyouthankyou) - j

why do you call this as

why do you call this as Photoshop CS4 Treasure Trove?

delete me (and all that spam, too)

delete - screwed up

Looks to try

Looks to try it.


This looks like a great tool I need to try.


Great photo man.

I think you mean tool.

I think you mean tool. Anyway i think this will work well.

Yo, Mr. I got a questions....

By the way, aren't you looking fabulous today. :-D But anyway....I just took a look at the extra info on a pic I doctored all to hell and posted to Flickr, and the info is as long as your arm times eleventy twelve, and may even reach all the way around Texas. How come?! Srsly, every little thought and afterthought and nudge and tickle and choke is recorded in there. It's embarrassing! See: How do I fix this? If anyone knows, please tell me so I don't look quite so metadatedly obsessive compulsive. Thank yoo. :-/

Remove Metadata Fast

No one have any clues? I know I've seen Deke do something on metadata removal at some point, but I can't find it - maybe I dreamt it? (Yes, when I have an erotic dream featuring Deke, there is no sex. Can you believe it?! Fucking weird, I tell you. It's all just my toes curling while listening to him talk tech and thrusting his cursor around various toys...I mean tools. And panels. Lots of panels....) But back to metadata. I know I can turn off the EXIF info in Flickr, but I don't mind people viewing my camera settings - it's just all that PS history stuff that shows up in screeds - "turn active layer on, turn active layer off, turn active layer on, turn active layer off, cry, scream, drop opacity 80%, drop opacity 79%, drop opacity 78%, hide layer, show layer, kick neighbours cat, drain glass, pour another one, hide layer, refer to book, refer to, cry, nauseum... *shrug*

Do you have History Log turned on?

If so, yours sounds big enough to burn on an open fire. You get to it by pressing Ctrl+K (Cmd-K on the Mac),

lol, it's all so obvious really, isn't it...

Now I feel like a total drop kick. So simple, yet the answer still managed to elude me. I swear I'm not dumb. Honest! ...even my mum said I'm not dumb, you ask her.... Thanks, Deke. It was turned on. Dunno why, it's not like I ever look at those logs. I'll donate them to California - I heard they need more dead wood*. *just kidding - I seriously hope all our special Cali Deke peeps are ok. Stay safe, guys and girls.