Correcting an Archival Photo with a Photoshop Edge Mask

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From a Mississipp Fan

Deke, I'm happy to know there's a little of Mississippi in you.
I have enjoyed many hours of Deke training over the past few years.
You have helped hone my skills in Photoshop beginning with CS up to CS4
and Illustrator 8 up to CS4. It's great to learn from the best!
What's so great is you laugh during your training making learning more fun! Again you've taken me to a new level of understanding with ...Correcting an Archival Photo with a Photoshop Edge Mask.
Thanks from a Mississippi fan. Or to spell it like we say it...Miss'ippi.
Bob Hamblin
Jackson, MS

Enhancement to Planes Dwellers technique

Excellent as this procedure is, I stumbled upon the following that makes the Planes Dwellers look even better. 1. Created a new Hue/Saturation layer with an inverse of the Edge Mask 2. Checked colorize & set Saturation to zero without adjusting Hue or Lightness 3. Changed the layer blend mode to Overlay 4. Adjusted opacity to taste (60% for me) 5. Moved this layer to the top of the stack The result was darker, less sepia-like color and reduced the spots in the faces, shirts, etc. even more

I sense a contest, Deke

Not sure how I missed it last time I looked at this post, but it just hit me that one of Deke's ancestors in non other than Scott Glenn: Perhaps in a freak accident during shooting the "silence of the lambs", a flux-capacitor from a different movie accidentally ended up being placed inside the inconspicuous-looking prop. :-) And poor and unsuspecting Scott Glenn found himself back in the early 1900's, having to place himself in a photo shoot. A shoot that would reveal the tragic mistake and send us a message (as a result of a scrutiny only denizens of would extend to an old photo like this). And hopefully someone from the good ol' 21 Century could then extract him from this evil time and bring him back. This almost looks like a contest, doesn't it Deke? Who could place your ancestral Scott Glenn back into the "future" image and make him belong. EDIT: actually, that would be 20th century when silence was filmed. __________________________________________________ Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?


Ok.Study it and Try to be BEST! that's real fantasy

So simple!

I have always loved high pass sharpening. But always feel like i'm the only one using it! Thanks for making me feel less crazy, now i'm off to howl at the moon!

Way to go, Col!

This must have taken some time to do, screen captures and everything. Great job! Might I suggest not to blur the edge mask though; but blur the mask parametrically in the masking palet... er, panel. That way you can change your mind later if the mask is too soft. Fantastic tutorial. I have always been partial to using sharpening filters, especially since smart filters came out. But given that you and Deke seem to like the high pass technique so much, I think I just might give it another chance. -iVan __________________________________________________ Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

Great stuff

First i must say that you amazed me the first time i watched your tutorials. It's funa to watch and you always explain bacground of the application.. this is why i like your tutorials.. i hate watching click here-get that-click here-get this.... so boring and so little you remember. I watched your Channels and mask from and almost everything i remembered in a first watch, simply amazing presenting skills. I just preordered your book on, too bad it's not before Christmas but still can't wait. I'm also doing effects and animations in after effects and your tutorials helps me alot to prepare my layers for compositing. Thanks and have a wonderful holidays. Regards.

The edge mask technique

is brilliant! I saw Deke do it over 2 episodes at PSTV, and used it on an old photo of my great grandfather as a boy (c.1905), much to the delight of the family. :-D

Sharpening Series

Ah, I remember this from the Sharpening series Deke put out. Very powerful and not as tricky as it sounds. This is a hands on professional quality approach that photo companies charge a ton for. And it shows you the tricks that the auto features mess up. Sometimes the automated USM and SS can over look certain subtle results that pictures need and over sharpens them. Great lession that photoshopers need to learn.