Creating a Universal Woman Symbol in Adobe Illustrator without Drawing At All

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Reformed DekeItarian

I started a new offshoot of the old DekeItarian church. It includes more drinking and less Adobe Illustrator. ;-)

P.S. We speak in the old tongue and only use the pen tool.

God frak it, it's dekeItarian

With a lower-case d. If you're going to attend my church, attend it right!


I agree about the old tongue. But less Illustrator? We might have a traitor amongst us!


dekeItarian it is then oh HOLeY one!

When I said, "Less Illustrator" it's relative to how much you drank. ;-)

Where's the Love button, Vectorgeek

I like your guidelines. Happy Friday!

I'll post a tutorial soon

On how to make a "Love" button. ;-)

Cool, Vectorgeek, keep us posted

Does anyone else feel an odd compulsion to title cap the subject line of this comments form?