Creating Anchored Comments in InDesign

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Nice to share trade secrets

I think is great to have people who are willing to share their trades to help others. I think the exchange of information is a good way to help with the growth of a business.

I was just wondering what

I was just wondering what difference drupal has made to the way blogging can be done. Your site is looking good with drupal powered system.

Awesome post, CW

Honestly, after a lot of painful interim fixes, this was the first solution that satisfied me (I tend to be a little picky about these things) and made sense to the non-designer editors on my team. It really has helped our workflow tremendously. And cuz they're anchored, if the text moves, the comments move with 'em. Unless you've already bought into InCopy (which is great insofar as it goes), give this technique a try. Wait a sec, it occurs to me we're sharing trade secrets . . . (Oh, and by all means, if you have a simpler approach, let us know. Cuz we're not above pilfering. ;-)