Creating "Rounded Windows" Op Art from Scratch (and Math) in Photoshop

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Works Great!

I love techniques like this. I also like the fact that is is completely adjustable. Thanks again for a nice tut!

Check out Pushwagner

These incredibly detailed "real-life-patterns" was - and is - used invented and used by the brilliant painter Pushwagner. However; Pushwagner used a pencil to draw everything! Check out his amazing art - Pushwagner (he's real name is Terje Brofoss) is the new Munch:

defining pattern

Hi, Deke.
When I go to define the pattern for the windows, photoshop is only defining a sliver of it so that when I apply the pattern I only get black bars all the way across. Im using ps cs5. Do you know how I can fix this?

same happens to me, size

same happens to me, size should be 450 x 400 px instead it is 82 x 400. I am confused, using PS CS6 on a Mac.

same here, and I'm perplexed (CS5 and CS6 versions, PC)

I've tried it a few times, but don't know why the when I define pattern, the Pattern Name Box displays it as 82 x 400.

changed grayscale to rgb, and that worked

:) -- not sure why, but that defined the pattern dimensions

Thanks, Amy. Had the same problem.

I had the same problem and actually just got lazy and changed computers. Since that's not a viable solution to share, I wasn't sure what to say. (Deke had suggested trashing the preferences, but I hadn't had a chance to try that yet.)

Try starting with an RGB file to define your pattern

I had the same problem when I tried creating the pattern from a grayscale document, but when I went back and followed the first few steps using an RGB for the color mode it worked!