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Photoshop Challenge

In this video, I'll critique Deke in some of his long, drawn-out tutorials. I'll also introduce a new technique that helps get rid of those dreaded "halos" that sometimes appear on the edges of subjects within a photograph. 

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I got it, and was amused with your use of the "magic" wand. I like the idea of getting rid of the halos and will have to try it out.


Check out all the haters on here!

Seriously though, people need to get a sense of humour. It wasn't perfect, but it was a darn good effort. I'll bet Deke smiled at least once!



For those of you who couldn't make it to the end of the video, the following appears on the screen to close out the tutorial:

The truth of the matter is that Deke has been my mentor in all things digital. After many enjoyable hours of his One on One series, he's taken me from newbie status to...well, dangerous newbie. I rock. Thanks, Deke!

Sorry I never got around to weighing in

You know, this contest is eating up a ton of my time. And every once in a while, I'm supposed to get a video course done for (Snuck in a link. Huzza!)

FWIW, Brandt, I totally got the joke. In fact, I thought your movie was a pretty brave thing to do. Kudos for taking the path less traveled! I might give you a special prize just for being an insightful asshole. In fact, I might call it The Insightful Asshole Award. (You know I'm kidding, right?)

For anyone else watching, I don't expect respect. Just views. That's how I get paid. Ha! (It's funny cuz it's true. Ha! I'm still laughing.)

My gums, every one of these paragraphs ends with a parenthetical afterthought. Which is a cheap way of hiding your true meaning in the form of a veiled semi-joke. (Dang, Brandt is right, I suck!)


Original idea, but...

I was excited about this entry. When you posted what you were going to do on the main contest page, I thought it was a very good idea. The production of the tutorial was great, but overall I felt this lacked the execution I was hoping for. And I didn't get the last half. I didn't see a difference in the before/after shot, was there one or was that just part of the video (you even mention that you can't tell the difference).

Thanks for the comment --

Thanks for the comment -- and to answer your question, the before/after can barely be seen. I guess the video compression couldn't sustain that level of detail. In retrospect, I should have zoomed a lot farther in, and perhaps even over-exaggerated the effect so people could see it. Oh well, live and learn!

You're a tool

Wasted almost 10 minutes of my life.... glad I stopped it.

You obviously haven't learned anything from Grand Master McClelland!

I feel the same Man respect

I feel the same
Man respect your mentors,when he said darken is not used,he meant it is not used often!!
Some filters are there which are used less like difference ,divide ,subtract and a lot of others which are rarely used.I heartfully thank Deke because he is the only Photoshop mentor who talks of luminosity feature quite often.

    Don't try to be over-smart and prove that you are smarter than your mentor!!!

Its a request ,I hope you will understand the purpose of post!


Man, you guys really need to relax. The first half -- the Critique Deke part, was a joke, i.e., meant to be funny, I thought that would be rather obvious insofar as the magic wand cannot really do all of that stuff. No disrespect was intended -- it was supposed to be "fun".

I Got the Joke

I totally got your video, brandtryan. I thought the first part was humorous. I didn't think your video was disrespectful in the least, or that you were trying to "one up" the MAN.. If ONLY the magic wand worked like you showed it, it would truly be a "magic" wand.

Thanks -- good to know at

Thanks -- good to know at least someone "got" it!

Make that 20 minutes, as

Make that 20 minutes, as surely it must have taken another 10 to write that brilliant post.