Deke Flies a Photoshop Flag for Election Day

My brother and sister dekeItarians. You might have noticed that today is Election Day here in the USA. To celebrate the end of an excruciating season, Deke has created a flag for today's Deke's Techniques episode---an American flag that is meticulously crafted by Deke, legendarily designed by an American woman, and may or may not have survived a few shards of broken glass thrown its way in the past year.

An American flag projected on glass in Photoshop

I'll be back with the full run-down tomorrow. If you're an American who's already voted you can catch a the episode here before it's on If you're a dekeOpolitan outside the US, watch the video and wish us luck and a quick recovery. See you in what I hope is a new tomorrow, tomorrow.



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how to contact deke?

i have some question in illustrator and really need him to answer them how can i contact him?

Send questions to

...And we'll take a look.

Humble Suggestions

Hello Mr. Deke,

Thank you for so much. My name is Taylor and I just started learning digital design. I'm a writer, and blah blah, anyways you don't need my life story. I've completed Photoshop CC 2017 Fundamentals One on One on and I plan on doing both additional courses.

You have taught me more than I can thank you for.

Two Questions

1. I have been trying to follow the process on Deke's Techniques for creating a raised bevel effect in a synthetic wood grain. #040. I am able to create the wood gain, and when I start to create the bevel for the map, I can create the gaussian blur outer bevel, but not the inner glow inner bevel. I think it's because the version of Photoshop in the video is a much older and less recognizable one, either/or you speak much faster than you do in the One on One, understandably so. Can you help me?

2. I would humble suggest that you do a video where you combine two long objects into a blended picture, sort of like the two portraits. I'm editing and assisting my cousin in writing his autobiography. He's a green beret and has been in the military ten years and been deployed 4 times, he picked up playing the banjo in Iraq and I want to combine a banjo and an old rifle.

Love and respect, and I understand in advance if you are unable to get to my requests. Thank you and I look forward to continuing to learn from you.


"When I was a kid, I asked my father to take me to the zoo. He said, 'If they want ya, they'll come and get ya,' I get no respect!" -Rodney Dangerfield-

1st Problem Solved


I was able to get the bevel lettering to work!


"When I was a kid, I asked my father to take me to the zoo. He said, 'If they want ya, they'll come and get ya,' I get no respect!" -Rodney Dangerfield-