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Help!!!! Need Dekekeys for CS5 Windows 8

I have been on phone with tech support and they say the DekeKeys will not work with windows 8 without an upgrade. Please help.

dekeKeys shortcuts for Windows 8

Is there a dekekeys shortcuts for Windows 8? Help

what about Cs5 Dekekeys?

where is the LINK,plz?

Do the InDesign dekekeys

Do the InDesign dekekeys still work for CS6?

CS6 compatible?


I noticed that PS CS6 has some newly integrated shortcuts so I was wondering if this old PS CS3 .kys file will work with PS CS6?

Also, where can I view the html file for these shortcuts?


Deke Keys

Hi all, What an informative site!! I noticed the loads of questions about the Deke keys but the problem I have is that I can't even get them. I downloaded the tutorials from the site but the 00_Set up is missing.
Any chance of getting a download from here? I'd be very grateful!!!
Chris. T.

KWS are wrong (Out-Dated CS3 Not CS5)

What a pain... After sorting out how simple it is to get the KYS onto my CS5 ext and finding the keyboard shorts had changed they are not the same as the shortcuts shown in the One-on-One Tutorial. Any hope of getting the revised KYS?
This is so frustrating knowing that they will be needed as I follow you further into the course.

Deke Keys

I feel a right PRAT.
Just noticed the download. {Dummy}!!!!!!!!!!!

keyboard shortcuts

Help ... trying to install dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts to indesign CS5.5 on my Mac.
When copying to Library, I have Version 7.5 ??? What do I do now?

Keyboard Shortcuts - InDesign 5.5 Mac - path to copy dekeKeys

Not sure if this was answered before but I have located the path for copying dekeKeys for InDesign 5.5 (CS5.5).

Go to Macintosh HD > Applications > Adobe InDesign CS5.5 > Presets > InDesign Shortcut Sets > en_GB (or your preference country) and bingo! Drop the file in there and you can then pick it up from InDesign > Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

I managed to do it with InDesign actually open. Seems to work fine (so far!)

Good luck

cs5 trouble

Try as i may i cannot get dekekeys into ps cs5. missing parser or some such. any help? --steve

Go to the dekeKeys CS5 page

Click here to get there.

It contains an updated file and more up-to-date instructions.



I have just got your Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 1on1 books and was going through the recommended preparation in the Illustrator book ... but stalled at reassigning the Mac OS X Shortcuts. I can get to where I need to be under System Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts and highlight per Figure 11 but when double clicked, the F12 shortcut does not accept the Control F12 input - I just get the volume up effect and the shortcut stays as F12.

My Control key works. I have tried removing my keyboard USB connection and reinserting it, tried Restore Defaults in the Keyboard Shortcut pane and starting again, tried resetting other shortcuts... all without success.

I can move on without resetting the OS X shortcuts but this is annoying.

Any ideas?


Never mind. Took what should have been the obvious trip into Keyboard and clicked the box "Use all F1 F2 etc keys as Std function keys" and all works as intended.

Move on everyone, nothing to see here. Operator error again!


Thx for the comment and conclusion.

The smallest things can hang you up.

Fixing Pet Eye

Is there any chance you will do a video on fixing pet eye? Most of the fixes I've found were simply painting over the glow with black and then using white to put the glint back which is not a very good technique. I've had some passable results using multiple layers with differing opacities and colors but it is time consuming and still doesn't give me the result I would like.

Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Deke Keys CS5, windows 7 file location

I cannot located the disk that came with my CS4 One On One book, and I'm trying to get back to where I was before I had to completely re-up the machine this last weekend.
I have downloaded the file and extracted it, but now cannot find any of the suggested locations in which to place the file so I can get it from PS..


thanks... I have come to depend on Deke for darn near everything!!

...if you keep publishing the marginal shots, you'll never stop taking them.

DekeKeys Installation Error

I am having trouble setting up my shortcuts fold in CS3. Everytime I double click on the"dekeKeys PhCS3 1on1 Mac.kys" file, I get an error that reads "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." Can anyone please help with this?

Try dragging it onto the Ps icon

So that your system knows you want to open the file in Photoshop. You can also right-click on the file and choose Properties (Get Info on the Mac) and select to open the file with Photoshop.

Anyway, my guess it that a .kys file is somehow linked to the wrong application on your system.

Where Do I Copy Best Workflow CS4.csf on Windows 7???

can you pleas advise me of the location to install on windows 7 pc


Are these downloadable (for the poor-man Lynda subscriber)?



dekeKeys question

If I load these keyboard shortcuts will I lose all of the shortcuts I have already created? For example, I use CTRL F12 to run an action to add a vignette using lens correction.


Bryan Conner

Ravensburg, Germany



Do you give seminars/classes in Nevada or California?

CS4 Indesign Deke Preferences

I have CS4 InDesign also window 7 - 64bit and looking for your shortcuts.
When I upgraded my computer from CS3 my preferences were not transferred across and the Preserences from your Adobe InDesign CS One on One book disk will not open for CS4.
Where can I download your preferences for CS4?

Adobe TV - exercise file folder

Your video for Indesign is very good, thanks.

But you refer to an exercise file folder, where can I get that?


You really know your

You really know your stuff... Keep up the good work!

jump higher exercises

Saving the Keyboard Shortcuts and other files

I have a question... I am using CS4 - Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.
I am on a Mac w/ Snow Leopard
I have a Wacom Intuos 3

I went to save the dekeKeys - and it occured to me that I am confused on a certain point. In the past, I used to save all Presets and Plugins - (i think) in the specific folder for that Application.

Now, I am seeing where the instructed location is in LIbrary > Application Support

Can anyone tell me if there is a problem with using the Presets folder in the Applications folder
or the necessity of using the App Support folder in the main Library folder

I am even confused how I started doing this, was that how it was done before there was an App Support folder in Library? I have way too many dupliated files, etc on my computer that I hope to streamline things, like where is best to put things, etc. I imagine this started when I bought my newest Mac and was transferring things from previous versions of Creative Suite, and from the previous Mac O.S. versions.

Hope someone has an understanding of where they go best
i realize one can just go dump them in the proper folder of App Support, but leave it to me to want to understand the history of it, or even why. So if you have some background on this, I'd love to understand it. t.i.a.

Adobe has changed where it squirrels away its files

More than once. It changed to the Application Support path with CS3 and looks likely to remain there. This despite the fact that there are many duplicate subfolders in the Applications > Presets folder.

I understand your desire to streamline. But where prefs are concerned, it's better to let Photoshop determine the location of the file.

Folder in Windows 7 for Dekekeys

Where do I install the DekeKeys in Windows 7? The instructions only cover XP and Vista.

or if you have CS4

I have not saved up for that yet... try this location

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Locales\en_US\Support Files\Shortcuts\Win