dekeKeys for Download

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Then again

After trying it in person on my brothers computer today; use Deke's method below... strange but it works; go figure!

Windows 7 for dekekeys

I got mine to work by extracting the dekekeys and saving into the keyboard shortcuts folder in this location

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Keyboard Shortcuts.

Then in PS, change the keyboard shortcuts as usual, it will appear in the dropdown selection. (resatart of PS may be needed).

Hope that helps.

Deke Keys for photoshop cs4 for Windows 7 users

I tried installing the DekeKeys for Photoshop CS4 on my Windows 7 PC, but it didnt work. I was wondering if a windows 7 compatible dekeKeys is available.


dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts

I give up because I have a headache now from trying to figure out how come I don't have the option to change my keyboard shortcuts to dekeKeys IDcs4 1on1 in the Keyboard Shortcut menu at the Set pop-up menu. I use to have it when I had Adobe InDesign CS4 which was a standalone program. I uninstalled that program and loaded Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium and no longer have the option. I have Windows Vista and checked to make sure I still have C:/Users/user/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/InDesign/Version 6.0/en_us/InDesign Shortcut Sets and I do. Might I need to use a different path since now my InDesign was a package with Creative Suite 4 Design Premium. Please help. I don't know what else to do.

Another way to install dekeKeys

I just recently figured out an easier method on the PC:

Locate my original dekeKeys file. Right-click on it and choose Copy.

Go into InDesign. (This works with Photoshop, too.) Choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Click on the little Save As floppy disk icon. (Cuz we're always saving to floppies these days :-)

In the ensuing dialog box, right-click and choose Paste. Now the file is in the proper location! At that point, I believe you cancel out. Then you should see dekeKeys in the Set menu.

Let me know if that works.

Wacom Boards

Not sure where to post it, so I'll try here. First of all I love the lynda videos. I'm new so I'm starting with the 1 on 1 series. You mentioned the wacom boards. Due to my budget I can't afford the nice one you mentioned you used. Instead I bought one of the bamboo ones, much cheaper, just not as nice I guess. Do you, or do you plan to have videos on properly using them? That may be a hard topic to cover, but figured if anyone could it would be you. Any feed back would be great. Thanks,


Wacom Tablets - how to totorial !

I own Wacom Bamboo, and I am interested what are Your (I am talking to You Deke) preferences when u use one. I understand that You more pro Wacom Tablet (I will get one too sooner or later), but a proper tutorial what express keys U use and how to "do it right" will be great !!!

Wacom's Bamboo Tablet Issue

A brief interjection: Last Thursday, I bought a Bamboo Pen & Touch. I got it to carry with my Macbook Pro. After installing the driver, I looked forward to putting it through its paces. I was very disappointed to see the terrible response from the time I drew a line to the time it appeared onscreen.

This problem did not occur every time I tried drawing, but it occurred more than half the time. It happened with very short strokes as well as long. With a lot of pressure applied and with little. I'd draw 4 or five lines and some seconds later, they would appear in the order I drew them. I don't know what the issue is, but it's going back for a refund tomorrow. I use both an old Wacom Graphire and Intuos3. I have never had a similar issue with either of these, (4GB of RAM in the Macbook Pro) Just an FYI.


"Thanks again, for another day full of something that I
just can't put my finger on." -- Kim Knoche

Are you drawing in Photoshop?

More often than not, the "lag" issue has more to do with Photoshop trying to catch up than the tablet or driver supplying tardy information. When this happens, try painting a fast line with your mouse. If you notice a similar delay (or Photoshop stalls and then draws a straight line), quit Photoshop and start it up again. If the problem persists, restart your computer. And if that still doesn't solve the problem, restart Photoshop while pressing the Cmd, Shift, and Option keys, which will reset the program's preferences. I ran into a spate of painting delays while working on my videos for The IT team ultimately wiped the computer and all was well again. I'm just saying, it's not necessarily the tablet's fault.

Trying to find the Best Workflow Settings for CS4 download here

All I seem to get is "Dekeskeyes for CS3" when I do a search. I'm following along on the Lynda paid site and want to synchronize all the color settings etc. in Adobe Production Premium through Bridge.

workflow download

I have not seen it here (does not mean it isn't hiding from my wanderings)

You can download them from Go to Deke's Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals group, and click on the Exercise Files tab at the top. There you can download a zip withboth DekeKeys and Best Workflow...

Have fun!

Illustrator CS4 keyboard shortcuts

Deke, you are amazing. Thank you for all the great material. I just finished going through your Illustrator CS4 one-on-one advanced series at and you gave instructions for loading the Illustrator shortcut keys from the example files. I do not have access to those example files and was not able to load them. Throughout your blog here, you indicate you have not created Illustrator CS4 shortcut keys. Are they now available from your web site somehow? I also would like to get access to your "Best Workflow CS4.csf" file if it is available. Can you help here?

deke keys for ps cs4

I love all of your tutorials. I have been following your work and am working my way through all of your tutorials. How can I get your deke keys for cs4? I have the cs3 version but am a cs4 user!! Thanks! Robin

short cuts

can we also use these for CS4? thanks

Good question, Can someone

Good question, Can someone tell us if these are the same for indesign cs4? I am using his book as a guide to better learn "Adobe InDesign CS4 one-on-one / Deke McClelland, with David Futato." and unfortunately his "Shortcut keys" which were included in the CD were blank, and I'm stuck. Does anybody know where we can get them from??? Thank you

V is last consonant in the word MOVE

At first I thought A and V were odd choices, but I think adobe chose A and V for its arrow selection hotkeys because both letters look like arrowheads

That's a good idea

I'm going to have to agree with you on that one. I never thought of that before though.

You may be right!

I hadn't considered the physical appearance of the letterform. Does that mean S selects the small poisonous serpent tool? Press Y to locate the nearest source of water.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one photos missing

According to the instructions on page 23...the Balloon Thief folder should have 6 photos. My disk has only the first one. Is there some place I can download the additional photos?

here they are

Deke linked to this in another post;

Posted Below, need some help.

Hello, Anyone can see my posting below where I need help with the PS CS4, Channels & Masks book. I know that I'm probably in the wrong place, is there anyone out there with info for support, or I am going to have to return the book, it's useless if I can't follow the book with the shortcuts not functioning. Any help is appreciated, hopefully there is a forum, or support phone number/website that can help me. Joe

Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks: Missing File

I have an autographed copy of "C&M" obtained from "The Master" at Mac World in January. Unfortunately on my CD the file Ancient doorways.psd has an error and would not open. Is there a site where I can download that file or can you email it to me? I would love to complete Lesson 7. I am having great fun and learning a lot from "The Master". Roderick

Ancient doorway file

Click this link to get to the missing Ancient Doorway.psd file. On a general note, the search function in the top-right corner of the site works pretty darn well. To my knowledge, all missing files for all books are found somewhere on the site.

visual guide

Hey Deke, I've been working through photoshop cs4 fundamentals one on one and have started advanced.... i think it would be helpful if i had a visual reference for the deke keys and photoshop shortcuts... something like this... do you have anything like it made up? Thanks Deke!!!

shortcuts reference

Not as pretty as the pdf you referenced but photoshop can generate an HTML file of the shortcuts, which can of course be put into other applications. edit>keyboard shortcuts>summarize and then you point it to where you'd like it to save the shortcut reference. This is for CS4, I've no idea if it works it earlier versions.

I didn't know this is

I didn't know this is possible but it will make my work so much easier, thanks for sharing! I've had some troubles with installing the software though, I am thinking to install a regcure on my system and set some order, maybe that would make it all work.

Channels & Masks/Preface page XX, All Windows Shortcuts Question

Hello, Having trouble with my Mac accepting the shortcuts suggested on Preface page XX. F11, F12 accepted, but the shortcuts for F9, and the other two involving the space bar will not change to what the book lists. When I click, and hold ctrl, then press F9 to change the shortcut, the F9 button functions(or shows a crossed out circle, like a no smoking sign, except no cigarette in the middle) but will not change. When I click and hold ctrl/F9 together at the same time I get the same result. Any help is appreciated. Thank You! Just got the book, so I do not want to go forward until I get this resolved. I don't want to be stuck later on, I am really looking forward to learning a lot of new things with the book. Joe I should add that I am using a MacBook Pro, version 10.4.11

F9 key problem

Sorry for the delay in answering. It is Summer and we're sometimes out of pocket. It sounds like you might be having problems getting around the Fn key issue. Click the Keyboard tab at the top of the System Preferences window. Then turn on the Use All F1, F2, etc. Keys . . . check box. Now retry the tip in the book and see if it works. Bear in mind, the Preface of the book contains recommendations, not imperative instructions. I believe the quality of the material in the book transcends the behavior of the F9 key. Here's a link you will need, however: Click here for the missing Balloon Thief files.

DekeKeys for Illustrator??

Have you done any DekeKeys for Illustrator CS4?

You know . . .

I haven't created any dekeKeys for Illustrator yet. Why not? I haven't really come up with a critical mass of commands and other features that require shortcuts. Suggestions? I'm all ears and eyes.