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speaking of Illustrator

Hi deke, love your site, books etc. As I have been working through my IDCS4 1on1, I noticed there is an Illustrator CS4 1on1 'upcoming'. Is that still the case? I have learnt so much from your books, podcasts, videos. I want to know more!!!!!!!

Illustrator One-on-One

Is in the works, but we missed the opportunity to get it out for CS4. Instead, we're shooting for the next version of the software, whenever that may hit.

dekeKeys for PsCS4?

Are dekeKeys for PsCS4 available?


Yes they are in One on One APSCS4 Book

dekeKeys for PsCS4:clarification

Are dekeKeys for PsCS4 available for free public download, to people who don't own any of the PsCS4 training products?

Not the right kind of document?

I'm trying to save the dekeKeys for mac, and I get a pop up that it's not the right kind of document? What is that? Forgot to mention, i'm using photoshop...

Your browser is giving you that error?

In other words, can you download the file or no?

Report of missing folder

I got to the part where (on my Mac) InDesign> Library>Preferences>Adobe InDesign>Version 5.0> ? ??? I am missing the "InDesign Shortcut Sets" folder! Should I just create one or place the file in the "Version 5.0" Folder? Do you suspect that someone broke into my office and actually stole this valuable folder?

Make that folder!

Stuart79 mentioned this, and I should have as well. If you're missing an InDesign Shortcut Sets folder (very likely b/c of roaming gangs of folder thieves), then make one.

Installing InDesign shortcuts on Windows

I run Vista & CS3, and I noticed when I went to install the dekeKeys back when I started the one-on-one book that I didn't have an 'InDesign Shortcut Sets' folder on my comp. I had to first make one based on the path written above and then I put the file in there. Hope that helps anyone with similar wacky Windows wierdness...

Different than what's on

I got dekekeys as part of a download from - the Photoshop CS3 mano-a-mano. Have you changed them since that batch? Cheers, Will

Nope, these are the same

as the shortcuts posted to (for Photoshop CS3 Channels and Masks, which is the most recent series to employ them). Just making them available to everyone else. For the betterment of mankind. And all that.

OK good, I'm not crazy

OK nevermind...I had a screen shot just to prove I'm not loco, but you're workin' on it. Smash that bug!

Okay, should be working now

Thanks for the warning bells. Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

Deke is the Man

You rock, Deke. Thank you!! A Tip for (unwitting) XP users like me: If your C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data folder is missing, got to Control Panel>Folder Options>View tab, and select "Show Hidden Files and Folders".

ditto Linky?

Likewise, I've had my caffeine, a large yummy homemade cafe latte ... and I similarly fail to see the link. But it could be right in front of my nose, and I might miss it. Please, PLEASE tell me there's a Flatten File shortcut. I know, I could make one myself , but I'd have to figure out how to do that first ...

Flatten Image Keyboard Shortcut

You can assign a Shortcut as follows: Goto Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts then in 'Shortcuts For:' select 'Application Menus' then scroll all the way down to the 5th option from the bottom in this category - 'Flatten Image'. Click in the Shortcut column just after 'Flatten Image' and press the key combo you want to assign (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F was still free in my test). Cheers.

Thank you!

Thank you, Deke for the downloadable keys. And thank you, Gfx-Dzine for the specific Flatten image shortcut instructions. I'm grateful :-)

I love it!

In dekeKeys for Photoshop, I set Flatten Image to the extreme-mash-your-fist Cmd-Control-Shift-Option-E on the Mac, but nothing under Windows. (Too bad you can't assign the Windows key to stuff.) But Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F makes so much sense! Mind if I steal that for dekeKeys CS4? Oh, and obviously, if you good peops have ideas for other shortcuts, feel free to suggest.

Working on the links!

There appears to be a bug on the site that prevents anyone but administrators from seeing the shortcuts link. Sorry about that. I'm creating a couple of manual links now. Should be up in a few minutes. Bugs suck, man!


Well I thought maybe it was because my caffeine levels weren't high enough, but after a big, strong cup of white tea...I know I'm not a real caffeine junkie. But good loose leaf tea is so darn yummy. And apparently it will make you smart, healthy and rich, so why not? Anyway, after consuming caffeine I still fail to see any links to the dekeKeys here. Am I missing something? Deeeke! Why you gotta tease us, buddy?