dekeOnline dominates the name Deke

That's right. Google the word "deke," and guess which site comes out on top? What are the odds of that? We even beat out that ice hockey term that I've never actually heard anyone actually say.

Okay, so apparently, they bandy that term in Canada. Which brings me to this week's topic: International interest in See the map below? The more green you are, the more folks from your country who have visited dekeOnline. It might be the only map where the U.S. is more green than, say, everywhere.

Okay, so obviously, most visitors are from the States. But see that other patch of green in the midsection of Europe? That's Deutschland, baby. (Ich bin dekeOnliner!) Third, the United Kingdom. After that? Canada (where, admittedly, I'm a verb) followed closely by Brazil. Then Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Finland, and New Zealand. (Sadly, Old Zealand did not make the cut.) Who spends the most time on the site? A small collection of people from Uruguay, Cambodia, Suriname, and a remote island off the coast of Madagascar. (All true.)

So I was thinking, World, you came to bat for me, now I got something for you: A new episode of my once-every-other-weekly video, dekePod.

Titled "Stretching a Photo In Illustrator," this video shows you why Adobe Illustrator is sometimes better at manipulating photos than Photoshop, and Photoshop is sometimes better at setting type than Illustrator. Plus, I convey something that no other technology podcast has ever dared to share: The secret to drug-free happiness.

Okay, that was scary. But trust me, you're going to like it.


PS: Meanwhile, not much up on the site. Brightness/Contrast became pretty much the coolest li'l sidekick ever, I lost all my underwear in a tragic rental car mishap, and Colleen gave birth to twin colors, Purple and Violet. Otherwise, pretty much business as usual.

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What about French Polynesia ?

Hi Deke! Yeah you even have at least one visitor from Tahiti... It's a small world isn't it? Have fun! Jeralma