dekeOnline News: May 4, 2009

Hello friends of dekeOnline,

I have much to announce in this issue! I take you on a deep-sea diving excursion with dekePod, I unveil the longest video series ever released on, and finally, my sidekick Colleen and I have a rousing chat with Russell Brown and John Nack on Martini Hour. In short, I offer you a feast for your mind and your senses.

dekePod Takes the Ultimate Plunge

dekePod 015: Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel

Have you ever taken a camera underwater? I've used a few disposable underwater cameras and they don't include a flash. Which is crazy, because if there was ever a place where you need a strobe, it's underwater. Water and the distance filters away light and colors, starting with red, then orange, then yellow, leaving a world of greens and blues. How do you bring those colors back? I explain in dekePod 015: "Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel."

(Thanks to the ever-talented Lise Gagne of iStockphoto for that insanely great image. And by the way, this dekePod spotlights a really great camera, the Stylus Tough from Olympus. I busted mine by taking it too deep, but you don't have to. Olympus sells a deep-dive housing as well as an independent strobe.)

My Most Ambitious Video Series for

PsCS4 One-on-One Advanced video

Serendipitously, I go live this week with the longest, largest, and most ambitious video series ever released by Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Advanced. Among its extravagant 217 movies and 21 hours of content, you and I will delve into image sharpening, advanced retouching, adjustment layers, blend modes, layer comps, text effects, Liquify, layer styles, and Camera Raw. Heck I even explore the very underwater technique from this week's dekePod in glorious, luxurious, easy-to-understand detail. And, as if that's not enough, the entirety of Chapter 13, "Levels and Curves," is available for free to anyone, anytime, anywhere. (Be sure to scroll down a page and click on the free links below the heading "13. Levels and Curves"!)

I'd tell you you're a fool not to join at your earliest convenience. But you'll discover that for yourself soon enough. (Oh, and those links; just click one to get a free seven-day pass to the entire site. It's a heck of a deal.)

Chillax in the Dimly Lit dekeLounge

I'm guessing that most of you know about dekePod. But do you know about Martini Hour? Frankly, it's one of our better kept secrets, which means I think you're going to dig it. Martini Hour is a weekly audio-only podcast that this week includes what might be the most polar opposite of all possible guests, Adobe's Senior Creative Director Russell Brown and Photoshop Senior Product Manager John Nack. While both Seniors, one is chaotic and the other is cerebral. Or as John puts it, "It's like the Sharks and Jets; we're going down the hall snapping at each other menacingly."

This week, I co-host with my enchantingly intelligent sidekick Colleen, and craft a show to end all shows, a 44-minute diversionary tale on the topic of layers. Been there done that? Not until you've entered the hallowed halls of the dekeLounge. Authentically interesting: Russell Brown tells us the moment he, first among mere mortals, experienced layers. John Nack notes that layers "took us through the looking glass and there's no going back." Later, John makes the obvious observation: "Photoshop's pretty damn rich." Hail to that.

dekePod Joins the Ranks of Facebook
Got a moment? We'd love your help. Facebook is home to millions upon squillions of creatives, designers, and Photoshop and Illustrator aficionados. Shouldn't they all know about dekePod? If you think, "Sure, whatever, I guess," then join my dekePod Facebook page. Post your comments. Share with friends. Be a true-blue fan! Or a royal pain in the arse! (We're not choosy.)

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I'm glad to see that PS One-on-One Mastery has been released on I'm still working through Advanced, but encouraged to see that more is waiting in the wings.