dekePod Returns w/ a Love Song to a Lost Feature in Photoshop

Hello Dear Friends,

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. I won't enumerate, I'm just sayin', a lot. But one thing hasn't happened. There haven't been any dekePods.

And the consequences have been (coincidentally) dire. In the 14 weeks since the last dekePod, the global markets (in no way, shape, or form as a result of the absence of dekePod) have taken a beating. Fortunately, help is on the way. In the form of a sensitive, caring, emotionally responsible stimulus package I call "The Droplet Song." Think of it as the (essentially meaningless) big hug that this scared little world needs.

Here's the idea: Photoshop offers a handful of automation features. There are actions, which let you record multistep operations that you perform on a regular basis. Then there's batch processing, which lets you apply one action to several images in sequence. And finally, there's the droplet, which lets you wrap an action inside a batch process and save it into one convenient file. Drag-and-drop a bunch of image files onto that droplet, and Photoshop runs the action, saves the changes, and does whatever else you ask of it -- while you take a nap.

If all that sounds a bit technical, it is. Which is why it may come as something of a surprise that dekePod Episode 12: "The Droplet Song (A Love Song to a Lost Feature in Photoshop)," is a love song to a droplet. And not just any love song; the goofiest love song you've ever witnessed. After all, a difficult feature needs love just as much as a simple one. As witnessed below.

Like all dekePods, "The Droplet Song" is anti-training, meaning that it works on you instead of you working on it. You don’t have to go and hunt it down, as with old-school training. It’s a highly concentrated training virus that goes out and finds you. My hope: After just a single viewing, you won't be able to shake the information, or the tune. Prepare yourself to hum it at the most inopportune moments!

(Did I mention that I wrote this song with the help of the my buddies, The Jellybricks. recently written up in Rolling Stone online? Well, I did.)

And don't forget, friends, there's lots more to see at dekeOnline. We have contests, the audio-only Martini Hourbooksvideos, and much much more. It's a regular wonderland of digital imagery amusement.

Here's hoping my feel-good song to a lost feature in Photoshop finds you happy, healthy, and filled with inner prosperity -- which, after all, is the best kind.

Your poncho-clad town crier,


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I am crazy people

but I am normally. nice post.


I love crazy people!

droplet song

Deke, the song is sooo silly, I love it :>>