Deke's Techniques 310: Create Your Own Passport Photo

In this week's free Deke's Techniques video, Deke shows you how to create your own passport photo, using information Deke has interpreted from the US government's own Passports and International Travel website

Often, Deke's Techniques inspiration comes from everyday events, and I have to mention that this one came about when our last adventure was almost derailed by Deke's expired passport. Don't let this happen to you. Get your photo ready and check your expiration dates. Thanks to this episode, I'm all set. 

Oh, and if this kind of practical, vacation-saving information isn't enough, for members of who have access to the sample files, you will be treated to this beauty:

Members of can also watch Deke's exclusive follow-up movie, in which he chivalrously ensures that I look less jet-lagged and/or concerned about expired passports, but still 100% myself. Although the government frowns on retouching to alter one's appearance, I have successfully used this image on my PADI scuba certification card. Of course, PADI apparently accepts almost any likeness, possibly including those in which you possess a tropical cocktail and sunglasses. Nonetheless, members can check out the video, and if you're not yet a member you can get a free week's trial subscription at 


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Exercise Files

I signed up for Lynda Premium account and the exercise files for "310 Creating the perfect passport photo" are not available. Is there an alternate location for these files?

Found The Files

In the video, there is a pop out identifying the files used in the video as being located on the Lynda site under the name 301_passport. The files are now located under

Thanks for outstanding technique videos.


Zip File Corrupt

The zip file does not contain the Passport Photo Template. The file labeled Passport Photo Template, is just the rules, and the rest are images of Colleen.