Deke's Techniques 424: Assembling an Interior Vertical Panorama

In this week's free Deke's Techniques movie, Deke takes some typical interior shots of the venerable York Minster cathedral and turns them into a decidedly untraditional and unexpected vertical panorama.

In other words, these eight staid church photos:

Eight traditional church interior photographs


Become this enigmatic single image of a mystical dreamspace (assuming your dreams are populated by the medieval kings of England):

Vertical panorama of the Kings Screen in York Minster


As you travel down this surprising approach to sightseeing photography, you'll experience the following:

  • The intricacies of using ACR to fix distortion (in the service of paradoxically creating an "impeccable distortion" in the end) and chromatic aberration.
  • The mysteries of compiling a panorama (if it can be called that) in Photomerge.
  • The secrets of using the Canvas Size command to crop a smart object non-destructively, but with more numerical control than you would with the crop tool.
  • And of course, the revelation of the delightful enigmas that populated the creative mind of Deke.

Next week, the dark mysteries of the exterior of York Minster (and of course, more insights into the wild and wonderful dekeBrain.) 




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Thanks as Always

Another great tutorial thank you!

So... London to York, you went right past and didn't let me get you tea? One day I'll thank you for all your help in person, one day.